Play It Forward joins Gunstar on its journey to save the world

Play It Forward and Gunstar Partnership

Despite the current crypto winter, Play It Forward continues to provide more blockchain gaming opportunities to interested P2E players. Thus, we are still on the lookout for economically-sound and fun projects, which can give P2E gamers a rewarding GameFi experience, such as Gunstar!

What is Gunstar?

Gunstar is a 2D turn-based ballistic simulation game. Here, players are placed on opposing teams where they will take turns firing at each other. Each player has a pet, which has two normal skills and one ultimate skill. 

Phoenixes, unicorns, dragons, other summoned beasts, and powerful pets can accompany the players throughout the game. Besides the pet skills, players can also use up to three items, such as Teleportation, Prismatic Shield, and Villainous Elixir, to assist them in every battle.

External factors like terrain, conditions, winds, and storms can affect the in-game battles. Thus, players should change their aims and rethink their strategy throughout the game. For every match gamers play and win, you will get experience points, which will help the character become stronger over time.

What is the partnership between Play It Forward and Gunstar all about?

The partnership between Play It Forward and Gunstar will allow more P2E gamers to have the necessary resources to play the game. Members and scholars of PIF’s crypto gaming guild, Railings University, will be able to try the game out after its release, even if they don’t have the resources to invest or purchase the required NFTs.

Through the Play It Forward and Gunstar partnership, players can access the P2E game’s various gameplay and rewards by participating in lucrative contests and applying for gaming scholarships. 

Play It Forward currently offers an online game streaming Quest for Gunstar, if you have streamed this game before or planning to do so, you may send us the stream link for a chance to win 500 RU points and a cash prize. In the near future, we may provide more blockchain gaming tasks such as tournaments, game beta testing, and app installations for Gunstar, so stay tuned!

About Gunstar

Gunstar is a blockchain game inspired by Gunbound/Worms games where players can compete from newbies to professional levels to test their skills and get golden opportunities. Users can play the game for free but have to own and hold at least 2 NFT pets for 7 consecutive days to withdraw token rewards. 

About Play It Forward 

With an aim to be the growth engine of Web3, Play It Forward unlocks the full potential of gamers by building a gaming ecosystem that educates, empowers, and onboards the next wave of Web3 players. 

To make play more rewarding, Play It Forward focuses on providing a plethora of earning opportunities through our platform of different Quests, game investments and partnerships, financial education, as well as player/talent management via the Railings University crypto guild. 

For any queries, talk to us directly on Discord and/or Telegram now!

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