Play It Forward is up for speedy growth by working with TimeShuffle

Play It Forward and TimeShuffle Partnership

Play It Forward’s mission is to make play more rewarding by introducing gamers to play-to-earn (P2E). We already have partnered with more than 30 games, protocols, and DeFi infrastructures to realize this goal. 

Today, we are proud to announce another addition to help us onboard more aspiring crypto gamers into P2E. Play It Forward enters a marketing partnership with a P2E web-based RPG game, TimeShuffle!

What is TimeShuffle?

Set in a multidimensional universe, TimeShuffle is a free-to-play RPG game where you will join a faction and preserve or shuffle its timeline by completing missions. In the game, you can breed and merge free heroes as you progress on your chosen path. You can also kickstart a higher level of gameplay by purchasing a skilled Hero as NFT.

With each battle, you will learn how to build a strong base and upgrade your troops strategically. AI-driven and real-time battles are available to be played. You can monetize your game progression by earning $GOLD tokens whenever you win battles or complete missions.

You can buy, sell, and trade heroes, items, and Hero Camps as NFTs on TimeShuffle’s marketplace. NFTs in TimeShuffle are created by battling and winning against other players in exchange for their valuable characters.

What is the partnership between Play It Forward and TimeShuffle all about?

To help each other build a more solid user base, Play It Forward and TimeShuffle will work closely through community development strategies and co-marketing activities. 

Play It Forward will help TimeShuffle connect with our trusted partners to expedite its growth. On the other hand, TimeShuffle will provide Play It Forward with exclusive opportunities within the game.

This newest partnership between Play It Forward and TimeShuffle will create a more exciting and rewarding experience for P2E gamers!

About Timeshuffle

TimeShuffle is a free-to-play P2E game that aims to elevate expectations and create unforgettable gaming experiences. Its NFT Marketplace Live and first global NFT tournament will be held next year. As of the moment, the game is working on its first Genesis NFT collection and Pre-Alpha Battles.

About Play It Forward 

is the growth engine of web3 gaming that unlocks the full potential of gamers. We are building a gaming ecosystem to educate, empower, and onboard the next wave of gamers into web3. 

Gamers like you that needs to be shaped up through web3 gaming is what we’re looking for here in Play It Forward – we have been developing a massive play to earn ecosystem that offers multiple earning opportunities to thousands of gamers.

Our gaming ecosystem provides a fusion of opportunities to play and earn such as: different kinds of Quests, providing gaming scholarships through Railings University guild with more that 5000 players, partnerships and investments with more than 30 game developers and counting, and we have been educating thousands of gamers achieve their dream to be financially successful in their web3 gaming careers.

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