What are the best online game streaming platforms this 2023?

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One of the most profitable sectors in the entertainment industry is gaming. Within that sector are the lucrative and popular play to earn (P2E) blockchain games. This is why it is no wonder that there is a rising demand for blockchain gaming platforms, paving the way for P2E game streaming opportunities.

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Continue reading to check out which is the best game streaming platform you can use and the key tips on how  to earn from online game streaming.

5 best online game streaming platforms

Online game streaming platforms provide gamers and streamers with tools to reach a large audience worldwide. They allow gamers to stream content from the comfort of their homes. But where do most gamers stream? 

If you are new to online game streaming, it is vital to understand the various features streaming platforms offer so you can choose the best game streaming service for your needs. Here are our top five picks of the reliable and ideal game streaming sites you should consider if you are planning to tap into online game streaming:


Twitch is a popular video gaming platform where users can set up channels so their views and supporters can follow them. This is an ideal application if you want to reach an audience in the gaming and tech industry. It has a live chat feature and tools you can use to collect tips from your viewers. You can also use it not just via desktop but also through your android and iOS devices.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is one of the first platforms to introduce live streaming to content creators. It is owned by Google and is ideal for those who are looking for a free and user-friendly online game streaming platform. Some great features of YouTube Live are that you can embed your videos into other websites and get access to a vast potential audience.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming allows you to host and broadcast live content whether on your profiles, groups, and pages. It is a free online game streaming platform and has a plethora of video hosting solutions you can use. Some key features include paid ads, live commenting and reacting, and easy video sharing.


Kumu is a video streaming platform created in the Philippines. It now has a gaming arm accessible using a desktop. It comes with a variety of video and audio streaming tools that are useful for engaging with the community and boosting sales. The platform comes with real-time interaction streaming features where you can kick, block, and mute listeners as well as host streams in “public” and “friends-only” options.


Caffeine embraces a distinct mix of entertainers ranging from rappers, athletes, and event gamers. It has the basic streaming features you need and it does not run ads so viewers and streamers can have a seamless and uninterrupted broadcast. If you think you can’t break through on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch in games, Caffeine might be an excellent option to consider since it has a modest, tight-knit community.

Key tips for having high-traffic and high-profit game streaming

Live streaming is a great activity for online content creation that can help you attract audience views. Once you have chosen an ideal online game streaming platform from the list above, you can now begin to increase your online presence and generate revenue from your streams. Here are some effective ways how to get traffic and generate profits from your online game streams:

Plan your goals

The first thing you should do before you start game streaming is to decide what you would like to achieve from the streams. Do you want to interact with your followers, build partnerships, attract a new audience, inform viewers about something, etc? 

For instance, you can let your audience watch as you complete gaming Quests or teach interested gamers how to earn from doing blockchain gaming tasks and activities. 

Enter partnership programs

Thanks to various blockchain gaming platforms, you no longer have to worry about registering for streaming platform subscriptions or reaching a certain amount of viewers and subscribers to earn from your streams. 

For instance, the Quests platform allows you to take game streaming task/s for guaranteed rewards. All you have to do is send a game streaming link posted on any of your social media platforms showing that you are playing any of the games under Play It Forward. Once your link is validated and approved, crypto and cash rewards will be sent to your digital wallets.

Stream P2E games

Apply for gaming scholarships under the Railings University crypto gaming guild and get access to a plethora of P2E games without paying for the required NFTs. Then, hit two birds with one stone by streaming the game for a chance to earn both in-game rewards and live-stream profits.

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