Play It Forward Builds a Better Metaverse with Nitro League 

Play It Forward and Nitro League Partnership

As Web3 technologies improve and bring us closer to a metaverse; one question remains: how will all of these different digital experiences be linked?

Play It Forward plans to give a clear answer to this question through our innovative, all-in-one ecosystem, designed to make the metaverse plug-and-play. Thus, we are thrilled to announce that we are now working with Nitro League, one of the most anticipated P2E games in the GameFi industry.

Play It Forward wants to make the metaverse more fun for everyone, and this partnership moves us one step closer to that goal.

What is Nitro League?

Nitro League is a mobile P2E racing game where players can buy, sell, and trade NFT-based vehicles and accessories. Made by a group of experienced AAA developers, the story and gameplay got the same amount of time and attention as the blockchain features it has.

As players move through the game, they can get better prizes. Eventually, they will be able to trade in their upgraded vehicles and other prizes for fiat currency. And since Nitro League is meant to be played with other people, teams of players can form their DAO-based clans or join existing ones to share resources and win more prizes. Users can even design and build their own tracks, host competitions and events, and do much more.

Players can buy and use NFTs in the Nitro League marketplace. They will also be able to bring NFTs they bought on other platforms and use them as vehicle skins, garage decorations, etc. 

The partnership between Play It Forward and Nitro League

With the help of Play It Forward, players can use the Quests platform to complete various Quests from Nitro League. Such Quests include blockchain gaming tasks ranging from tournaments, streaming contests, game testing, app installations, and more. 

Play It Forward and Nitro League partnership will also allow aspiring blockchain gamers to play and earn from the game without investing any money. Once the game has completely launched, Railings University scholars can apply for Nitro League gaming scholarships.

About Nitro League

Nitro League is a P2E racing game and a dedicated metaverse where players can host games, services, and social experiences with the help of third parties and the whole ecosystem. The game is made by a group with 500 million app store downloads and crypto projects and economies worth more than $3 billion. 

About Play It Forward

Play It Forward is the growth engine of web3 gaming that unlocks the full potential of gamers. We are building a gaming ecosystem that provides multiple opportunities to play and/or invest in the Web3 industry.

We focus on providing varied earning opportunities (via our Quests platform), player/talent management (via Railings University guild of 5,000+ players), game investments/partnerships (30+ game partnerships), and financial education to make play more rewarding for gamers everywhere.

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