Top Discord Gaming Servers and Communities 2022

Top Discord Gaming Servers and Communities 2022 by: Play It Forward/Railings University

Since its release seven years ago, Discord has become a preferred platform for gaming communities. These social servers can either cover multiple games or be devoted to a single one. Discord is a great medium to meet and help out fellow gamers. Check out the following Discord gaming communities that you should join this 2022:

Railings University

Railings University (RU) started out as a crypto gaming guild that currently offers a plethora of P2E scholarships to more than 5,000 gamers. Now it has opened its door to traditional games for a much bigger and more fun community. The Discord channel is now a medium where members can be informed about Web2 and Web3 game tournaments such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, Valorant, Axie Infinity, and more.

RU members can also sign up for Play It Forward’s Quests platform, a job board where users can take on blockchain gaming tasks in exchange for rewards. 

The server consists of over 20,000 members that are interested in playing blockchain-based games. Regular guild activities and a reward system allow members to earn RU points from playing games or engaging with the community.

Genshin Impact Official

The popular ARPG, Genshin Impact, has 1 million members on its official Discord server. The server consists of like-minded gamers who discuss all things Genshin Impact-related. It is also where the players stay abreast of the latest game updates and share the best memes.

Healthy Gamer Community

Healthy Gamer Community is a public server where gamers can grow, connect, and support each other. The server offers fitness workshops and meditations, providing a healthy environment for programmers, creatives, and gamers. 


Minecraft has an official Discord server where members can discuss the latest game updates, share creations, and connect with others. The server has a variety of Minecraft-related channels like Survival Discussion, Java Mechanics, Community Support, and more.

Multiplatform Gaming

Multiplatform Gaming is a Discord server established in 2017 that started as a channel where a common group of gamers then rapidly grew into a home for players. The server has a tight-knit community with tournaments, streams, perks, and giveaways.


Riot Games created Valorant’s official Discord server with over 900,000 members. The server is open to all gamers globally. You can even use it to connect with Valorant players in your country. Various channels cover topics such as game news, esports news, event news, gameplay discussions, and more.

MrBeast Gaming

MrBeast Gaming is the official Discord server of the famous American YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson). He is known for creating challenge videos that reward vast amounts of money in exchange for doing arduous tasks or unique real-life survival games. MrBeast Gaming’s Discord server provides announcements and information. Unfortunately, it does not support a public chat room due to the size of the support base.

Official Fortnite

Epic Games launched Fortnite’s official Discord server, which currently consists of more than 900,000 members. The server splits its channels into categories: Discord Information, How Do I, General Community, Fortnite News, Creative, Battle Royale, Save the World, Homebase Broadcast, Weatherman Broadcast, and Bug Reporting.

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Play It Forward is a massive play to earn ecosystem that gives a lot of web3 gaming career opportunities to many gamers. We continuously boost, teach, and help many gamers and some underprivileged people to play and earn through web3 industry.

The company combines multiple earning opportunities such as Quests, talent/gaming scholarships via Railings University crypto gaming guild with 5000+ players, 30+ play to earn investments and provides enlightenment to make play more rewarding for tons of gamers across the globe

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