Play It Forward levels up with The Next World

Play It Forward and The Next World Partnership

Play It Forward is always on the lookout for ambitious and high-potential P2E games that we can offer to our scholars at our guild, Railings University – the large crypto gaming guild under PIF’s management. Today, we are excited to announce that we have added another promising and exciting name to our list of game partners! PIF has partnered with a blockchain-based shooter game, The Next World.

What is The Next World?

The Next World is a GameFi shooter game inspired by the battle royale title, Call of Duty. Your mission in the game is to enter world-class tournaments and competitions. You will have a plethora of diverse map options to choose from with various combat zones for better gaming experiences.

There are plenty of game modes that the team of The Next World is currently developing. Some of them are:

  • Mini-game: The Treasure Heist is a mini-game where you collect TNC tokens and special rewards by completing simple tasks using your soldier avatar NFT. You have to link your crypto wallet to play the game.
  • Battle Royale: The battle royale mode is where you will parachute and land on a map and strive to be the last one remaining, similar to how Call of Duty is played. The smaller the map ring gets, the more encounters you will have to face. You can play in a Casual or Ranked match as well as Solo or Team.
  • Guild War: In Guild War, you will form or join a guild and compete with other players once a week in a 30v30 match. You can use robot and tank NFTs, which you can buy or rent from the game’s Marketplace. 
  • World Class Tournament: Grand prize payouts will be given during the world’s first Shoot-to-Earn battle royale tournament. Here, gamers from around the world will compete until they advance to the final round.

What is the partnership between Play It Forward DAO and The Next World all about?

Through the partnership between Play It Forward and The Next World, aspiring crypto players will be able to play and earn with ZERO capital. Once The Next World has its official game launch, Railings University scholars will now be able to apply for The Next World scholarships. 

Aside from the Railings University guild, Play It Forward also offers its Quests platform for D.G.Pals and its interested players. Through Quests, The Next World will be able to provide earning opportunities to interested blockchain gamers in the form of airdrops, tournaments, streaming contests, game testing opportunities, and more. 

About The Next World

The Next World is a blockchain-based shooter game built on the BNB smart chain. The TNW team is dedicated to providing quality game graphics and a flawless gaming experience using Unreal Engine. With an aim to become the first AAA shooter game to host the greatest prize pool esports tournament in the crypto world, The Next World strives to guarantee robust circulation, a sustainable ecosystem and diversified burning mechanisms.

You may check out The Next World’s Website if you wish to.

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is the growth engine of web3 gaming that unlocks the full potential of gamers. We are building a gaming ecosystem to educate, empower, and onboard the next wave of gamers into web3. 

We focus on providing varied earning opportunities (via our Quests platform), player/talent management (via Railings University guild of 5,000+ players), game investments/partnerships (30+ game partnerships), and financial education to make play more rewarding for gamers everywhere.

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