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PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this April 17-21, 2023

Seeking the latest developments in the GameFi realm? Our team has meticulously tracked the GameFi industry this week, compiling the most exciting and current news exclusively for you. Here’s a summary of the important GameFi updates this April 17-21, 2023.

Meta Horizon Worlds Expands Access to Teenagers in the US and Canada

Meta Horizon Worlds is set to welcome teenagers aged 13 to 17 in the US and Canada in the coming weeks, focusing on age-appropriate protections and safety defaults. Previously exclusive to users 18 and up, the platform’s expansion aims to provide safe and positive VR experiences for younger users. New safety features include back-end protections, parental supervision tools, and a phased approach to teen access.

Meta Horizon Worlds has implemented robust protections like profile privacy settings, content ratings, voice mode, and limitations on interactions between teens and unknown adults. Additionally, safety tools such as safe zones and personal boundaries are available to all users.

The expansion of parental supervision tools allows parents to manage safety settings by connecting with their teens through the Family Center or Meta Quest app. The platform has also developed educational resources for parents, guardians, and teens to support safe and enjoyable VR experiences.

New Player Strikes Gold with $49,000 NFT Find in Illuvium: Beyond

A newcomer to the online game Illuvium: Beyond recently hit the jackpot by discovering the rarest Illuvitar to date – the highly sought-after “Holo Blazing Rhamphyre.” According to an April 12 statement by Illuvium, the lucky player sold this prized NFT for a staggering $49,128.85.

They found the rare Illuvitar inside a “D1SK”. It is a digital loot box containing random Illuviators and accessories priced at just $32. This incredible discovery brought the player a massive profit of roughly 140,525%.

Illuvium shared the exciting news on Twitter, highlighting the largest single Illuvitar sale ever made. The tweet showcased the Rhamphyre’s impressive features, including its holographic design, rare expression, and powerful stats. Illuvium fans are motivated to hunt for in-game rare treasures as this sale generates buzz.

Cheelee Announces $5 Million Community Drop on Zealy Platform

Cheelee, the innovative GameFi short video platform known for rewarding users for viewing content, has announced the most significant Community Drop of 2023. Starting April 17th, vertical video enthusiasts can participate in one of the most promising projects ever launched and claim a share of a $5,000,000 pool of CHEEL tokens. The community drop will take place on the Zealy platform, with everyone encouraged to grab their share of the prize.

To succeed in the Cheelee Community Drop, participants must complete several tasks designed to familiarize them with the platform, and its in-app earning mechanics and introduce them to the global Cheelee fan community. All participants meeting the specified criteria will receive a distribution of the $5,000,000 pool of CHEEL tokens. The official Cheelee Community Drop page contains detailed instructions on how to participate in the drop.

Cheelee’s revolutionary approach is based on the attention economy theory introduced by Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon. This theory is providing equal opportunity for users to earn from their most valuable resource – time and attention. The user-centered SocialFi platform has the potential to bring mass crypto adoption to new heights. While the current crypto audience is estimated at around 320 million, the user base for short video social platforms reaches nearly 5 billion people. 

Pikamoon Set to Revolutionize GameFi with Exciting NFT Marketplace and Gameplay

Pikamoon, a new NFT play-to-earn game offering thrilling gameplay, NFT elements, and a bustling marketplace, is set to become one of the most prominent GameFi projects in 2023. The game’s native token, $PIKA, enables investors to engage in battles, purchase NFT items, and earn various rewards.

Pikamoon is an RPG where players can explore the Pikaverse and battle each other. Drawing inspiration from renowned GameFi projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox, Pikamoon offers a marketplace where users can buy virtual land, in-game NFT avatars, and exclusive weapons and tools using the native $PIKA cryptocurrency.

Pikamoon’s gameplay involves exploring and battling other entities within the virtual world of Dreva. Players will develop a team of Pikamoon NFTs to fight various bosses and collect items to strengthen their team. The 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs will belong to four distinct regions, each with its unique challenges and environments.

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