Play It Forward enters partnership with Arche Guilds Alliance

Play It Forward (PIF) and Arch Guilds Alliance (AGA) – 2 DAOs in Partnership

Play It Forward’s aim is to “make play more rewarding” and one key to achieving that is to enter partnerships with valuable and efficient platforms where we can provide players and projects with income and growth opportunities. Today, we are proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with Arche Guilds Alliance. 

What is Arche Guilds Alliance?

Arch Guilds Alliance (AGA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to bridge quality games and guilds to explore the metaverse together. Through AGA, players can discover games, earn game medals, complete Strategic tasks, and participate in content creation to earn P2E and community rewards. 

AGA also aims to help games and guilds to connect with players and establish long-term connections across the GameFi space. Through the platform, quality games will be referred to the Arche Network players using a fair information recommendation algorithm and community section. AGA also provides game asset offerings, game token initial offerings, and decentralized marketplace services, for developers.

As for guilds, AGA can help promote guild cooperation, facilitate the connection between guilds and games, and provide comprehensive game strategies to help guild members profit. These are just some of the features of AGA. You can check out more details about AGA here

What is the partnership between Play It Forward and AGA all about?

The partnership between Play it Forward and Arche Guilds Alliance will allow more aspiring P2E gamers to have the necessary connections and resources to learn, play and earn from blockchain games. PIF and AGA will work together to bridge the connection between GameFi projects, players, and guilds.

The alliance between AGA and PIF will also expand brand awareness and community growth of both platforms through cross-marketing efforts and community development strategies. All these works, in turn, will create a better and more rewarding metaverse for the Web3 community.

About Arche Guilds Alliance

AGA is a DAO that is dedicated to helping players, guilds, and games get more opportunities to collaborate together. AGA is formed to establish a long-term connection across the GameFi space by bridging games to global guilds, offering certain benefits for guilds, and tapping into organizing the project’s marketing campaign for a delightful Web3 gaming ecosystem. 

About Play It Forward 

Play It Forward is an engine that consistently grows a gaming ecosystem that has helped thousands of gamers unleash their gaming career potential in web3. Our ecosystem is composed of different earning sources such as management for talents and gaming scholars via Railings University crypto gaming guild, and a plethora of Quests to earn digital assets and/or cash prizes from.

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