Play It Forward hosts its first P2E, NFT, and Web3 KOL meetup

Play It Forward hosts the first P2E, NFT, and Web3 KOL meetup in the Philippines

On the first day of the Philippine Web3 Festival, Play It Forward hosted the KOL Luncheon, the first P2E, NFT, and Web3 KOL meetup in the country. The event, which ran from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, allowed attendees to enjoy the whole afternoon of scrumptious food, delightful introductions with fellow KOLs, and interactive activities. 

Play It Forward would like to thank all the Web3 creators, influencers, streamers, and managers who attended the event, especially those who even traveled for three to four hours to go to the venue at Draper Startup House Makati. We also appreciate those who brought their KOL friends with them.

Some of the KOLs who attended the event are Axie Infinity streamers with huge followings on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

What is KOL Luncheon?

The KOL Luncheon was organized by Play It Forward to continuously grow the Web3 community through partnerships and projects. We aim to collaborate with KOLs to spread awareness of how Play It Forward can make play more rewarding.

Aside from a scrumptious lunch and memorable bondings, those who attended the event received goodie bags from Play It Forward and an in-depth introduction to the company’s plans for KOL partnerships.

Bags, caps, and shirts with Play It Forward branding were given to the KOL Luncheon attendees

Play It Forward will also be organizing a KOL photoshoot as another token of appreciation for those who attended the event. The photoshoot will significantly help improve the KOLs’ portfolios, so they can pitch themselves better to their prospective clients and target projects in the future. 

Other KOLs who confirmed their attendance could not attend due to schedule conflicts. The good thing is that Play It Forward will be organizing more of these events, so we will see you next time!

KOLs as they sit around and listen to Play It Forward’s PR Manager, Sharon Mahasen, as she thanks them for their attendance and explains the purpose of the event and plans for future projects and collaborations.

After the event, Play It Forward successfully onboarded all the attendees and added them to our list of influencers for future activations. Activations include collaborating on projects and events to get Play It Forward’s message across our target audience passionately, authentically, and creatively.

Play It Forward’s current list of onboarded KOLs

The Play It Forward team with some of the onboarded KOLs who attended the event

Currently, Play It Forward has more than 40 P2E, NFT, and Web3 KOLs under our roster. Our onboarded talents have huge followings and engagements across major social media platforms. We aim to add more influencers, streamers, and content creators to expand our reach to the Web3 community.

Below is a table showing some of the Web3 talents we have onboarded and their dominant platforms and skills.

Myrtle SarrosaStreamer, Actor, Singer, Cosplayer, EmceeYouTube, Facebook Page, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter
Franzell PlacidoStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
Andrea HizStreamer, EmceeYouTube, Facebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
Patricio TVStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
RechoStreamer, EmceeYouTube, Facebook Page, TikTok
Meiji GamingStreamer, EmceeYouTube, Facebook Page, TikTok
OverxyzStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page, TikTok
Pakut TVStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
VMGStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
LunaticStreamer, Emcee, Game CasterFacebook Page
Setio ReviewStreamer, EmceeYouTube, Telegram, Discord
FifiStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
Sugard4niStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
Nabz GamingStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
Papa SayoteStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
ZRTWNTYStreamer, EmceeFacebook Page
Boss KhanStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok
Buhok GamingStreamer, EmceeYouTube
Rozz CharlesStreamer, EmceeYouTube
ArchieStreamer, HostYouTube, TikTok
Maika KemmochiStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
GizmoStreamerFacebook Page
BuunjaStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
Lou ReyesStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
Jasmin EstrellaStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok, Instagram
Mikaii PlaysStreamerFacebook Page, TikTok
Paw TimeStreamer, EmceeYouTube, TikTok
Andreas TobingStreamer, NFT AnalystTikTok
PEINStreamerFacebook Page
ANN TVStreamerFacebook Page
BNGUINTOStreamerFacebook Page
DongStreamerFacebook Page
Plankton PlaysStreamerFacebook Page
Toten GamingStreamerFacebook Page
Bro. EdvinStreamerFacebook Page

A message from PIF’s Business Development VP

“We’ve seen rapid growth in the web3 KOL space recently, and just like the KOL name, they remain Key Opinion Leaders, guiding and educating the community through this crazy world of web3. In our mission to make play more rewarding, we will be ramping up our KOL partnerships to bring more education and earning opportunities to our community and beyond.”

Justin Khoo (VP of Business Development at Play It Forward)

Play It Forward is continuously looking for more collaborations with multiple KOLs and there will be exciting new campaigns and Quests such as game streams, AMA sessions, fun content, activities, tournaments, giveaways, and many more, so stay tuned at our Quests platform.

Some of the KOLs who attended the event with Play It Forward’s CEO, Cholo Maputol

To more KOL meetups!

Play It Forward aims to provide more Web3 earning opportunities via talent management through KOL partnerships and collaboration. Another goal of these KOL partnerships is to help Play It Forward make play more rewarding for gamers everywhere through Web3 and financial education.

About Play It Forward 

Play It Forward (PIF) is developing a vast Web3 ecosystem that consists of multiple open doors to anyone that desires to play and earn or invest in the Web3 industry.

KOL partnership is just one of the many earning opportunities that Play It Forward has been building up. The company is in collaboration with Railings University – a large p2e gaming guild of 5000+ gaming scholars, PIF also introduces a growing platform of Quests that allows anyone to accomplish varieties of Quests in exchange for digital asset rewards and/or cash prizes, another one is a consistently rising quantity of 30+ gaming partnerships, and offers education regarding financial opportunities to make play to earn more rewarding for tons of players everywhere.

We’re grateful that you took some of your time reading this, and we’re excited to talk to you in Discord and/or Telegram anytime!

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