Play It Forward forms the best team with Dracoo Master

Play It Forward and Dracoo Master Partnership

For most people, gaming is a vital part of life. This is why Play It Forward aims to help make the Metaverse more accessible by partnering with games and helping an ever-growing community of P2E gamers to prosper and enjoy the crypto space.

To further connect blockchain technology with more gamers, Play It Forward enters a partnership with a blockchain-based deck-building game, Draco Master. Take out the card deck and check out how you can play Dracoo Master below!

What is Dracoo Master?

Dracoo Master is a strategic deck-building game, similar to Axie Infinity. Here, you will play by building your own custom deck and the best Dracoo squad from 200 cards and 80 weapons.

Each play-through in Dracoo Master is unique because you create thousands of strategies to defeat your opponent. There are 6 Dracoo types that you could mix and match:

  • Lightning type: Provides crowd control by using strong lights to blind opponents and give them card restrictions.
  • Dark type: Kills incautious opponents using slow but high-damage skills
  • Plant type: Acts as the guardian of the team with the ability to heal and grow
  • Lava type: Makes the opponents suffer through strong attacks and burning debuffs
  • Ocean type: Provides great support to the team using debuffs, shuffling and damages
  • Steel type: Serves as a powerful shield with various types of resistance and damage reflection

You can also equip different summoners, which are unique assets in the game that serve as your virtual image. Equipping summoners will let you take advantage of different spells such as Whip, Shield, Recover, Firebomb, and Precise.

Every time you win battles or complete missions, you are granted DRA tokens that you can trade on the NFT market or use to determine the future of the game. To start playing, you have to assemble a team of at least 3 Dracoos which you can get on the NFT market, from other players, or by purchasing Draco Eggs.

What will the partnership of Play It Forward and Dracoo Master bring to P2E gamers?

The partnership between Play It Forward and Dracoo Master will provide P2E gamers from all walks of life to play this NFT game without having to spend a dime! This is made possible through Railings University (RU), a guild managed by Play It Forward. Those who want to try playing Dracoo Master will be able to apply for gaming scholarships under RU.

Dracoo Master can also use the Quests platform to provide blockchain gaming tasks ranging from streaming contests, tournaments, game testing, and app installations to the PIF community. All in all, the partnership between Play It Forward and Dracoo Master will bring tons of opportunities for P2E gamers to easily play the game without worrying about the required resources. 

About DracooMaster

DracooMaster is a deck-building rouge-like game that is built using blockchain technology. Here, players will assemble a Dracoo team to compete with others and receive rewards through battles. Dracoo Master’s gameplay combines teamwork with individual skills by offering PVE and PVP game modes.

About Play It Forward 

Unleash your web3 gaming career with Play It Forward – a huge gaming ecosystem that empowers Web3, we will help you reach your full potential in play to earn gaming and will guide you every step of the way.

We produce different sorts of earning opportunities through our platform of Quests, talent, and gaming scholarships through Railings University crypto guild with 5000+ players, game partnerships, and investments with over 30 gaming companies, and we educate gamers on how to prosper and get rewarded financially as gamers.

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