Play It Forward empowers economic access into the metaverse by partnering with Summoners Arena

Play It Forward and Summoners Arena Partnership

The video game business is worth billions, even before play to earn games have become popular with the general public. Once decentralization completely takes over the game industry, you can expect growth you have never seen before. It should not be a surprise that hundreds of people are trying to get into the crypto sector. 

However, many P2E gaming businesses face a problem: how can they deliver the real potential of the blockchain and the metaverse by giving gamers experiences that work across platforms and games?

Play It Forward aims to solve this problem with a plug-and-play, end-to-end ecosystem. To empower gamers, PIF enters a partnership with Summoners Arena, a P2E role-playing game.

What is Summoners Arena?

In Summoners Arena, players summon their chosen heroes using an in-game currency called $ASG. Then, they can use those characters to fight in both PvE and PvP modes, where they can earn rewards.

Every time a hero fights, they will get experience points. Eventually, these points will let the hero level up. They can also equip accessories and other items to boost their power and give them other skills. 

In addition to heroes and items, players can buy pieces of land they can rent to other players to make a passive income. If players join a guild, they can work together to explore dungeons and even fight against other guilds in large-scale battles.

A digital marketplace will be built into Summoners Arena, making it easier for players to buy and sell heroes, items, land, and more.

The partnership between Play It Forward and Summoners Arena

Play It Forward wants everyone’s time in the metaverse to be more enjoyable. The partnership between PIF and Summoners Arena allows interested players to play and earn without investing money. 

Members of Railings University, PIF’s crypto guild, will be able to apply for gaming scholarships to play Summoners Arena’s Guild gameplay update has launched.

Aside from the Railings University scholarships, Play It Forward also offers its Quests platform for Summoners Arena and its interested players. Through Quests, the game will be able to provide more earning opportunities to interested blockchain gamers in the form of airdrops, tournaments, streaming contests, game testing opportunities, and more. 

About Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena is a blockchain-based, idle RPG that combines traditional gameplay elements with blockchain to give players immersive and lucrative experiences. Its team has a lot of experience with community building, lore, graphics, and character development. 

About Play It Forward 

Are you looking for someone to help you achieve your web3 gaming dream? Play It Forward is a Web3 gaming ecosystem company that will educate you and finally get you started to play and earn.

Our company is composed of a massive crypto gaming guild with over 5000 players called Railings University, we have arranged multiple Quests that lets you earn digital assets, we are continuously expanding for more game partnerships as we continue to grow, and we will enlighten you about how to achieve financial success in earning rewards while playing.

Someone from our team will help you on our Discord and/or Telegram.

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