PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this June 19-23, 2023

Want to stay informed about the latest developments and progress in the GameFi sector? We have closely monitored the GameFi industry throughout the week to provide you with the most thrilling news. Here are the noteworthy GameFi updates from June 19-23, 2023.

Gods Unchained Now Available on Epic Games Store

Immutable Games’ popular Web3 trading card game, Gods Unchained, has debuted on the Epic Games Store. This granted access to the game’s NFT cards for the platform’s vast user base of 230 million gamers.

Similar to renowned titles like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, Gods Unchained offers players collectible trading cards with the added advantage of card ownership and trading. Each card is represented as a nonfungible token (NFT) on the Immutable X layer-2 network built on Ethereum. Since its release in June 2019, the game has steadily grown its player base, boasting 80,000 weekly active players by January 2022.

The Epic Games Store, a prominent digital game distribution platform akin to Steam or, serves as a gateway for over 230 million PC gamers seeking new gaming experiences.  This development arrives amidst ongoing challenges faced by Web3 publishers in response to Steam, the largest PC game distributor globally. Steam’s decision in October 2021 to reject Web3 games and delist Age of Rust due to NFT-related incentives sparked a need for alternative distribution platforms.

Nakamoto Games Introduces Play2Earn and NAKAVERSE

In a recent press release, Nakamoto Games introduced its impressive portfolio of over 200 games across various genres, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences for Web3 enthusiasts.

Nakamoto Games introduces the Play2Earn model, promoting sustainable economic activity within the platform. They also unveil NAKAVERSE, a unique virtual reality universe, taking gaming to new heights. Landowners within NAKAVERSE can mine resources, create in-game assets, and build recreational facilities, contributing to a dynamic and gamified social ecosystem.

The platform’s proprietary token, $NAKA, drives engagement, utility, and access within the ecosystem, solidifying Nakamoto Games’ position at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution.

DogeRift Introduces Beta Release for Android Devices

DogeRift, the popular gaming platform, is taking a significant step towards cross-platform accessibility by announcing its beta game client for Android devices. While iOS support is in the pipeline for future release, Android users can now enjoy DogeRift on their mobile devices. Alongside this exciting news, the DogeRift team has also shipped a game update packed with new features and improvements.

The Android beta game client offers a user-friendly interface tailored to mobile devices. The team has dedicated substantial effort to optimize the game’s performance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience across different platforms, including mobile.

In conjunction with the Android release, Patch v1.2.0 has been deployed, introducing the highly anticipated friend list feature. With this new addition, players can easily see which of their contacts are online and discover their current game mode. The patch also addresses various bug fixes, notably resolving an issue related to energy cost display on chests in Adventure mode. Quality-of-life enhancements have also been implemented, including button sounds for in-game menus.

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