PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this June 12-16, 2023

Would you like to stay updated on the latest advancements and advancements in the GameFi sector? We have closely observed the GameFi industry over the course of the week to bring you the most exciting news. Here are the notable GameFi updates from June 12-16, 2023. Partners with Stainless Games to Launch Shock Rods on New eSports Platform, a leading esports platform, has recently partnered with renowned game developer Stainless Games, marking an exciting development in the gaming industry. The partnership aims to launch the popular online 6v6 shooter Shock Rods on’s new esports gaming platform.

With the integration of GameFi mechanics, Shock Rods players can compete for real rewards using MOXY, the platform’s native token. Stainless Games, the developers of Shock Rods, shares the excitement for this collaboration and is eager to introduce their community members to the new-gen esports product. 

In March 2023, announced a $100,000 challenge to support participants in its beta testing, emphasizing their commitment to engaging and rewarding the esports community. As the platform continues to grow, more gaming titles are expected to join the esports revolution facilitated by

Ethereum Blast Rewards Players with Bitcoin or Ethereum

Bling Financial has introduced Ethereum Blast, a free-to-play mobile puzzle game that allows players to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum while enjoying casual gaming on their smartphones. The game, available on iOS and Android, offers a simple color-matching puzzle experience with a unique “sci-fi meets Ethereum” vibe.

Ethereum Blast presents players with a straightforward objective: clear connected, like-colored stones from the board by tapping on them. As stones are cleared, new ones fall to create potential larger matches and earn valuable power-ups. Each level presents specific targets to achieve within a limited number of moves.

Although the game is easy to grasp and control, providing a pleasant on-the-go distraction, it may not offer a substantial challenge for experienced players. The game offers an abundance of power-ups, ensuring that players rarely encounter difficulties. However, as a casual gaming experience, it delivers an enjoyable experience akin to other mobile puzzlers with crypto rewards.

Earning cryptocurrency through Ethereum Blast is possible by accumulating Bling points, which can be converted into Ethereum or Bitcoin. Players can cash out their earnings to a Coinbase or PayPal account. While the earning potential varies, players have reported earning approximately $0.20 worth of crypto in two hours of gameplay. 

NEAR Foundation and MARBLEX Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Korean Web3 Gaming

In collaboration with Aurora Labs and MARBLEX, NEAR Foundation is set to revolutionize Korea’s Web3 gaming industry. This strategic partnership aims to enhance scalability and accessibility for gaming projects, allowing seamless integration between Ethereum and NEAR through Aurora’s bridging solution.

MARBLEX, the Web3 gaming subsidiary of Netmarble Corp, renowned for its collaborations with Marvel and BTS, seeks to elevate the Web3 gaming landscape in Korea. By leveraging NEAR’s Ethereum-compatible layer, Aurora, MARBLEX aims to provide top-quality Web3 games to the market. Through essential services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and an NFT marketplace, MARBLEX intends to deliver a more inclusive and engaging Web3 gaming experience.

Aurora’s bridging solution is crucial in this collaboration, enabling a seamless connection between MARBLEX’s gaming and rewards ecosystem with the NEAR blockchain. The integration of the WARP Bridge, powered by Aurora, will bring MBX’s games, wallet, NFTs, and DEX to NEAR, providing NEAR Protocol users with enhanced accessibility to MBX narratives.

Thirdweb Appoints Former Facebook Exec to Lead Web3 Gaming Expansion

Thirdweb, an infrastructure startup focused on Web3 development, has hired former Facebook executive Atif Khan as its Vice President of Gaming to drive the growth of the Web3 gaming industry. In addition, the company has recently built a game called Web3 Warriors from scratch to showcase its capabilities.

Based in San Francisco, Thirdweb offers a Web3 infrastructure toolkit that empowers developers to create decentralized applications, including blockchain games, NFTs, and DAOs. The startup secured a $24 million Series A funding round in August 2022, attracting investments from Haun Ventures, Polygon Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and Shopify.

Web3 Warriors, a survival action game developed by Thirdweb, was created to showcase the capabilities of their toolkit. The game, launched on Base, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling network developed by Coinbase, attracted over 500 players and recorded 1,000 sessions within a week.

Khan believes that the focus in Web3 gaming should be on delivering enjoyable experiences to users, rather than solely emphasizing monetary rewards. He sees the potential for mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming through casual mobile games that seamlessly incorporate Web3 features. Thirdweb’s goal is to become the leading development tool in the Web3 space, both in gaming and across various Web3 applications.

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