PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this February 27 – March 3

Looking for the latest news on GameFi? This week, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the GameFi space for the most exciting updates! We’ve gathered all the noteworthy GameFi updates this February 27 – March 3, 2023. Read on for our findings:

Former MetaMask Lead Launches HyperPlay, a Web3 Game Launcher

HyperPlay, a new Web3 gaming launcher, has just launched via early access. Game7, a Web3 gaming DAO, and JacobC.eth, former operations lead at MetaMask, co-developed it. HyperPlay aims to solve the distribution problem and provide a secure gaming experience for users.

HyperPlay is designed to free developers from the risk of de-platforming by large corporations like Apple, Google, or Steam, as stated by JacobC.eth. Unlike the Apple Store, HyperPlay will not take a 30% cut of a developer’s in-game economy.

HyperPlay plans to generate revenue by providing “convenience features” in the app, similar to the revenue model used by MetaMask. HyperPlay would offer a variety of games, including Undead Blocks, DeFi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, Voxie Tactics, and The Bornless. The launcher will support non-crypto games and Web3 titles and will be available for Windows, Mac, Steam Deck, and Linux users.

Addictive “Kill-to-Earn” Zombie Game ‘Undead Blocks’ Launches on ImmutableX

Prepare to embark on an adrenaline-filled journey combining “Mario Kart meets COD Zombies.” Grant Haseley, Executive Director of Wagyu Games, is thrilled to announce the release of “Undead Blocks,” on ImmutableX. The game is still in beta but has already held a $150,000 tournament and has roughly 2,500 daily active users. 

Undead Blocks is a social game where players shoot zombies and collect various items randomly generated on the battlefield. Players must also develop a strategy for herding and butchering the slow-moving masses of undead. At the same time, you reload and snipe them from afar.

The unique feature of “Undead Blocks” is its earning model based on killing in the game. Players have the opportunity to earn the game’s own token, ZBUX. This can later be exchanged for Ethereum or Immutable’s IMX token. ZBUX can be traded on Uniswap, and players can use it to purchase in-game weapons and character cosmetics. Players can also acquire and stake UNDEAD token, a governance token that can reward holders with more ZBUX or NFTs.

Illuvium DAO Blocks NFT Pack-Opening Event with 3AC Founder Su Zhu, Proving DAO’s Power

In a recent move, Illuvium’s DAO blocked a scheduled NFT pack-opening event between Illuvium CEO Kieran Warwick and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founder Su Zhu. Zhu, who faces various accusations of unethical behavior, drew concerns from the Illuvium community over the potential risks of being associated with him.

The Illuvium CEO proposed that its decentralized council vote on the matter. The community then unanimously voted to cancel the event to avoid any association with Zhu. As a result, Illuvium leveraged the governance model to avoid having its most well-known figure share a stage with Zhu. This demonstrates the power of DAOs in making decisions that uphold ethical standards.

Illuvium’s CEO respected the council’s decision and voiced his confidence and belief in the community’s decision, stating that he will always respect the council’s verdict. Warwick also mentioned that the DAO could veto any decision the project makes, highlighting the power of DAOs in upholding ethical standards.

Unity Technologies Adds 13 Web3 Developer Tools to Online Marketplace – A Historic Move for GameFi

Unity Technologies, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has added a new category called “decentralization” to its online marketplace and incorporated 13 blockchain solutions to aid Web3 developers. This move is expected to attract mainstream game developers into the Web3 space and reduce the time it takes to implement blockchain technology into games.

Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse, says that Unity’s decision will make decentralized gaming much more accessible to its massive audience of players and developers. The move is historic for GameFi. The convenience it provides game developers allows them to focus on creating unique gameplay experiences instead of spending excessive time on asset creation.

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