PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this February 20-24

Are you in search of the current GameFi news? This week, we have monitored the GameFi space for the latest and most thrilling updates! We have compiled all the most noteworthy GameFi news and updates between February 13-17, 2023. Check out our findings below:

Ubisoft expands into Web3 with Rabbids NFT release in The Sandbox

Video game publisher Ubisoft launched Rabbids NFT avatars for the Ethereum-based metaverse game The Sandbox. This comes a year after Ubisoft announced plans to bring the popular Rabbids characters to The Sandbox. It eventually did through its NFT museum-like NFT Institute experience last September. This time, the Rabbids avatars are playable. They also come with a Lunar New Year theme, tying into 2023’s Year of the Rabbit.

Ubisoft sells 2,066 Rabbids avatars via Polygon with each NFT selling for 100 SAND or roughly $78. The public sale commenced on Wednesday, February 22. Ubisoft has also supported NFT game projects such as Axie Infinity and Nine Chronicles. It also invested in metaverse investment firm Animoca Brands and game maker Horizon.

Friendsies NFT collection hits pause, leaving collectors wondering what’s next

The world of NFTs is abuzz once again, and this time, it’s the Friendsies NFT collection that’s making headlines. The popular collection, which features whimsical avatars, recently announced a “pause” in development, citing market conditions as the reason for its hiatus.

The announcement immediately sparked rumors of a rug pull. Twitter users pointed fingers at several prominent NFT influencers who hyped the project during its initial drop, which raised roughly $5 million. Adding fuel to the fire, Friendsies promptly made their Twitter account private after the announcement, and users who asked questions found their accounts blocked. Shortly thereafter, the Friendsies Twitter account was deleted entirely.

Friendsies had big plans, including a play to earn game for token holders, a community treasury, and plans to expand the brand’s intellectual property. While it remains to be seen whether Friendsies will resume development, the rug-pull accusations and subsequent deletion of their Twitter account have certainly made for an eventful few days in the world of NFTs.

Former Amazon and Starbucks executive launches Yelp-like platform for NFTs

Former Amazon and Starbucks executive Ben Straley launched a new Yelp-like platform called Thred to help users discover and review NFT collections. Thred uses automated machine learning and algorithms to rank NFT collections on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and then combines it with the collector, consumer, and community content. 

Users can search and share reviews to help buyers understand which NFT collections are trustworthy and which are sketchy. Thred is compatible with Ethereum- and Polygon-based NFT collections, but Straley plans to expand to other chains like Bitcoin and Solana.

According to Straley, one of the biggest problems holding back the NFT market is how hard it is for average people to find authentic NFTs relevant to their lives and ones they might want to own. Thred aims to solve this problem by being a platform for discovery and for creators and brands to reach who they want to reach.

Binance Launches Fan Token Platform to Bring Fans Closer to Their Favorite Sports Teams

Binance has just launched an exciting update to its fan token platform that promises to help sports teams engage more closely with their fans. The update will allow participants to collect points that can be exchanged for rewards, such as game tickets, access to meet and greets, video clips from their favorite players, and even exclusive dinners with the athletes.

Fans can earn points by participating in fan token activities, voting in polls, or completing other tasks. The more active they are, the better their rewards will be. This will help create a more engaged fanbase for sports teams and help bring them closer to their supporters.

The fan token platform has already been successful for various sports clubs, including Santos FC, Porto, and SS Lazio, who have engaged with thousands of participating fans on the platform. 

Binance has consistently worked on bridging the gap between sports and the Web3 space. They partnered with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to connect him with his fans through NFTs. They have also used NFT tickets for SS Lazio’s home matches at the Stadio Olimpico.

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