PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates from July 24-28, 2023

We’ve kept our eyes peeled for the latest in GameFi this week, and we’re thrilled to bring you some noteworthy updates. Let’s walk you through the GameFi updates from July 24-28, 2023, you’ll definitely want to catch up on.

Axie Infinity Creators Partner with CyberKongz for New Gaming Venture

Sky Mavis has recently announced a collaboration with the Ethereum-based nonfungible token (NFT) collection, CyberKongz. This partnership aims to strengthen the blockchain gaming ecosystem on the Ronin blockchain.

The announcement also hinted at the development of a new game. Although details remain sparse, Kathleen Osgood, Sky Mavis’ Head of Business Development, shared that this new venture will integrate with existing Axie Infinity experiences, enhancing the interoperability of their gaming universe.

In addition to the new game, CyberKongz’s Play & Kollect game is set to migrate to the Ronin blockchain. This strategic move will allow CyberKongz to tap into Ronin’s core gaming community, thereby expanding its user base.

UFO Hearing Sparks Creation of Over 50 New Crypto Tokens

In the wake of a recent U.S. government hearing that alleged the existence of alien spacecraft, the crypto world has responded in its unique way. Over 50 new alien, UFO, and extraterrestrial-themed tokens have emerged in the last 24 hours, demonstrating the crypto community’s knack for capitalizing on trending topics.

The House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security recently held a hearing where former Pentagon task force member on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), David Grusch, testified. He accused the U.S. government of concealing evidence of alien visitations to Earth. This revelation has since gone viral, sparking a flurry of activity in the crypto space.

Grusch claimed that the U.S. government possesses “non-human” spacecraft and “non-human biologics” found onboard these crafts. While he couldn’t provide specific details due to the classified nature of the information, his testimony has fueled a wave of interest in extraterrestrial phenomena.

Crypto enthusiasts, often referred to as “crypto degens,” have responded by creating a slew of new tokens themed around aliens and UFOs. These include tokens with tickers like “ALIENX,” “UFO,” and “ALIEN.” However, potential investors should exercise caution as many new memecoins can be “honeypot” scams, designed to trap investors.

Pro Gamers Express Interest in Blockchain Gaming’s Potential

Professional gamers are showing an increasing interest in the potential of Web3 and blockchain gaming. Erik Engel, a professional Dota 2 player for Gaimin Gladiators, known as “Tofu,” has expressed his enthusiasm for the new possibilities that blockchain gaming could bring. He believes that the integration of blockchain technology could make gaming more rewarding and is eager to explore this emerging field.

Max Ng, a professional gamer known as “Maxeew” in the Rocket League scene, shares Engel’s sentiments. He appreciates the idea of games being developed in innovative ways and believes that new technologies and features can benefit any game, especially when they reward users’ time and expenditure on the game.

Joseph Turner, the co-founder of Gaimin Gladiators, noted that the initial introduction of Web3 games within the decentralized finance space has startled many major publishers. However, he believes that their stance will change over time as the potential benefits of Web3 become more apparent.

Walter Lee, partner growth and GameFi leader at BNB Chain, also sees the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology in empowering traditional gaming ecosystems. He believes that the rapid growth of Web3 gaming will eventually lead to it simply being referred to as gaming.

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