Roles of NFTs in crypto gaming

Roles of NFTs in crypto gaming

It is a common misconception that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are nothing more than digital artworks or collectibles that can be traded for enormous sums of cash. NFTs actually present a multitude of new opportunities for investors, enterprises, and enthusiasts alike, influencing their usage and acceptance in the long run.

Even if it is expanding rapidly, the global gaming industry is still structured so that game developers can benefit from it. The value flow in traditional games only goes in one direction, with players having to pay to acquire access to various in-game resources and gameplay modifications.

But today, with the assistance of NFTs, blockchain-based games and decentralized apps (dApps) are entering the gaming industry to provide players with the ability to optimize the value of the in-game purchases and asset acquisitions they make.

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Several of the largest game producers, including Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Konami, and Capcom, are either in favor of NFTs or are looking into them. 

NFTs are gaining popularity, which has led to an increase in the number of people looking into them. This is especially true for gamers interested in making money while playing their favorite game. In the fast-paced gaming business, what part do NFTs play?

NFT 101

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are one-of-a-kind digital assets with a record of ownership and validity stored on the blockchain. NFTs can take the form of a range of digital objects, including memes or original works of art, in-game products such as skins or virtual land, and many other kinds of digital items.

When you first hear about NFTs, the phrase “token” may throw you into a loop since it may induce you to assume that the assets are some kind of digital cash. NFTs and cryptocurrencies coexist in the same environment, yet, they are not the same thing at all.

The simplest approach to describe this distinction is to say NFTs are digital objects. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies, or crypto tokens, are digital money that may be used to acquire NFTs.

In digital currency, NFTs are recognized as assets since they may be bought, held, and sold in the same manner as any other tangible property. They can also store a broad range of data, such as works of art, musical compositions, tweets, and other forms of media of many kinds. These data will be accessible for purchase at any time with a certification of ownership, and their monetary worth will be equivalent to that of the original files. 

The utilization of blockchain technology sets NFTs apart from other financial instruments and is the primary reason for the widespread interest across various business sectors. NFTs offer a wide range of practical applications that appeal to many industries and use cases. NFTs are distinguished by the following three qualities that set them apart:

  • Non-fungible

Because each NFT is a crypto asset representing something unique or non-fungible, it is impossible to trade one NFT for another NFT. The metadata included with each NFT is stored on the blockchain as an immutable record that cannot be altered. This metadata provides information about the ownership history and transaction record of the token and explains what the token really stands for.

On the other hand, fungibility is a feature shared by many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc. To give just one example, one BTC is interchangeable with any other. Thus, we cannot consider them to be unique.

  • Rare

NFTs are in high demand because of their limited availability, one of the key features contributing to their high market value. An excellent illustration of this would be the video game CryptoKitties, in which players collect and breed virtual cats, each representing a unique NFT. 

Some of these CryptoKitties are valuable collectibles because of their rarity. As a result, owners can seek higher fees from collectors prepared to place a high value on the NFT.

  • Indivisible

Because of Bitcoin’s fungibility, it may be split into smaller parts. On the other hand, the vast majority of NFTs are indivisible since they have to be bought, sold, and stored as a single unit. 

NFTs and the roles that they play in crypto gaming 

The relationship between NFTs and video games dates far further than in 2021. When the video game CryptoKitties started getting a lot of attention in 2017, it was the turning point for the cryptocurrency’s broad adoption. Because of the game’s widespread appeal, the proliferation of NFTs inside the gaming industry was simply a matter of time. 

The majority of crypto games make use of NFTs in line with the particular rules and mechanics that they utilize. Depending on the game type, it may be shown as your avatar, a land, or a card with a certain set of abilities.

So, how exactly do NFTs become included in the architecture of a crypto game? Smart contracts are bits of code that can execute themselves and are stored on the blockchain. Game creators utilize smart contracts to specify the rules for gaming NFTs they create. As an illustration, in Cryptokitties, they employed the gene science contract in conjunction with random mechanics to produce new cats.

You may collect NFTs while playing other types of crypto games and then either utilize them to win in the game or sell them for fiat cash. Simply put, here is a guide on how you can make money by playing P2E games

P2E games reward players who put in the effort to play and earn money. Every crypto game has its regulations regarding the rewards system, but they all have one thing in common: they will all repay you for your time and make sure that it is not wasted.

The advantages of using NFTs in crypto gaming

The following is a list of the most important advantages that NFTs provide to the world of crypto gaming:

NFTs improve blockchain games

Let’s begin with the most significant advantages of using NFTs in gaming. NFTs can efficiently build a second-hand market for digital games and commodities. This market can allow players to take their in-game assets with them when they leave the game. As a result, players now have the opportunity to be the only owner of an object within the game, and it is up to them to decide whether or not to trade, sell, or retain the assets for themselves.

NFTs provide players with more control in the game

NFTs enable players to exercise greater control over their accounts by enabling them to sell products and even receive a portion of resales that occur in the future. This gives players a feeling of ownership, which they may achieve through the gameplay. 

NFTs help in the development of the Metaverse

NFTs will be an essential part of the Metaverse and will function as the glue that ties them to the rest of the digital future, including other games. 

Metaverse is a broad name for Web 3, which will profoundly transform how people socialize, work, and play video games. The Metaverse is already taking place, and the introduction of NFTs will make accessing it both simpler and quicker.

NFTs allow interoperability 

An NFT is saved on a blockchain, where its contents and ownership can be monitored and are shielded from modification. Thus, moving it throughout games that utilize the same blockchain technology is easy.

Crypto games are developed on separate blockchains. Game assets represented by NFTs may be built to be interoperable across various networks. 

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