Top 10 P2E game streamers and influencers in the Philippines

The play to earn (P2E) movement in the Philippines is continuously growing as more and more crypto projects are being launched. Some of the best people who can help kickstart your P2E journey are game streamers and influencers. They are a great source of information when it comes to the latest and upcoming NFT games as well as the current market trends.

Whether you are interested in tapping into blockchain gaming or are just curious about this innovative industry, here are the top P2E game streamers and influencers you should consider checking out:

10. Syl Gaming NFT

Syl Gaming NFT playing My Defi Pet

PlatformFacebook (3.9k followers) and YouTube (2.31k subscribers)
P2E games playedThetan Arena, Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet

August Calderon, the man behind Syl Gaming NFT has been an avid gamer since the age of two. He participated in local esports tournaments starting in 2010 but earned meager financial rewards apart from medals and trophies. When Axie Infinity boomed in 2020, he was able to ride the waves of the game’s popularity. 

Calderon is now a YGG Lead Game Ambassador and a casual streamer. You can find his streams on Facebook. He also posts NFT game reviews and gameplay on his YouTube channel.

9. Modern Mulan

Modern Mulan playing Duckie Land

PlatformFacebook (9k followers) and YouTube (34.6k subscribers)
P2E games playedAvania, Duckie Land, Etermon, Mecha Morphing, Solchicks, My Defi Pet, Knight War, Wasted Lands

Modern Mulan is a crypto enthusiast and an influencer who hosts Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and creates NFT game reviews. She hosted Play It Forward’s AMA with the NFT game, Apeiron last April 2022. 

Her game reviews are short and unbiased. Despite some of them being sponsored content, her reviews still help the viewers get an idea of the project from a gamer’s perspective. She ensures that her reviews, whether paid or not, are honest and informative. Modern Mulan’s Facebook page may have a lower number of subscribers compared to her YouTube channel, but it still garners a considerable amount of views and engagement.

8. MrFish Vlogs

MrFish Vlogs playing Ethlas

PlatformFacebook (10k followers), and YouTube (75.4k subscribers)
P2E games playedEthlas, Pepper Attack

MrFish Vlogs rarely stream gameplay videos. What he mostly does is create P2E game reviews and teach his viewers how to earn from those blockchain games. His YouTube channel mainly consists of P2E tips and tricks with some random vlogs and occasional livestreams. 

Aside from P2E opportunities, MrFish Vlogs also creates guides on how to use various investment platforms to help his fellow Filipinos learn how to earn passive income.

7. Toothless Redge

Toothless Redge playing Axie Infinity

PlatformFacebook (26.4k followers)
P2E games playedAxie Infinity

Toothless Redge may not have a large following compared to other video game creators, but he has one of the highest engagement rates among others in the list. He plays Axie Infinity and is popular for his witty and humorous comments. His Facebook page is a great place for Axie Infinity gamers to hang out and get a good laugh.

6. Kyrobell

Kyrobell playing Dekaron G

PlatformFacebook (35k followers), and YouTube (80.5k subscribers)
P2E games playedDekaron G, MIR4, Nino Kuni, Four Gods, Yulgang

Kyrobell is a game streamer who creates free-to-play and play-to-earn content as well as NFT game reviews. His YouTube content mainly consists of game guides where he imparts tips and tricks on how to farm effectively to earn faster.

Aside from NFT games, he also posts gameplay videos in various online games such as Lost Ark, Pokemon Unite, and Cabal mobile. He not only provides a walkthrough of the games but also educates his viewers on how to play smartly.


Nabz playing Axie Infinity

PlatformFacebook (42.6k followers)
P2E games playedAxie Infinity

Nabz is an Axie Infinity streamer who regularly does livestreams on Facebook. Aside from his Axie Infinity gameplay, he also posts engaging content such as memes, raffle giveaways, and event updates from various game streamer meet-ups.

Play It Forward has recently onboarded Nabz as one of our game streamers. Moving forward, his viewers and followers will also get updates and be included in new promotions from Railings University, which is PIF’s guild.

4. Rozz Charles

Rozz Charles playing Kingdom Quest

PlatformFacebook (42.6k followers) and YouTube (46k subscribers)
P2E games playedKingdom Quest, Farmers World, Plant vs Undead, Dragonary, Monsta Infinite, Splinterlands, CryptoBlades, Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet

Rozz Charles is an NFT, P2E, and crypto influencer as well as a Binance KOL. He does not often do live streams but he is active in posting NFT game reviews and hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.

In March 2022, Ross Charles hosted Play It Forward’s AMA session with the NFT game, Mirror World. His game reviews on his YouTube channel are all informative and helpful for beginners.

3. Fidem TV

Fidem TV playing Axie Infinity

PlatformFacebook (85.6k followers), YouTube (27.7k subscribers), and Twitch (3k followers)
P2E games playedAxie Infinity, Binemon, MIR4, Thetan Arena

Fidem is a web3 content creator and influencer specializing in NFT games and crypto trading. The content on his Youtube channel focuses on investing and trading for beginners as well as NFT game reviews and walkthroughs. He is streaming his Axie Infinity gameplay consistently on Facebook.

The game reviews and gameplay guides on Fidem TV’s YouTube channel have gained quite a considerable amount of engagement due to their informative and educational approach.

2. Archie Lim

Archie Lim playing DeFi Kingdoms

PlatformTikTok (84.4k followers) and YouTube (53.7k followers)
P2E games playedStepN, The Remnants, DeFi Kingdoms, Speed Star

Archie Lim is Binance KOL and a crypto influencer. He posts regularly on TikTok about the latest updates on various web3 projects and his opinions on current crypto market trends. 

Although streaming or posting gameplay videos is not the main focus of Archie Lim’s social media channels, he has a YouTube gaming playlist. The playlist includes game reviews, overviews, and thoughts on various NFT games. 

1.Myrtle Sarrosa 

Myrtle playing Ni No Kuni

PlatformFacebook (3.7m followers), TikTok (710.9k followers), and YouTube (60.9k followers)
P2E games playedNi No Kuni, MIR4, Town Star, Axie Infinity, The Harvest Game, Drawshop Kingdom, Axie Infinity 

If you are curious about “who is the best game streamer in the Philippines”, Myrtle Sarrosa is surely on the top of the list. Myrtle Sarrosa is one of the most popular gamers and cosplayers in the Philippines. She is also an actress, singer, and songwriter. 

Myrtle is one of the pioneers in the P2E movement in the Philippines by being among those who started streaming Axie Infinity in 2020. Her social media channels consist of a variety of content related to cosplaying, gaming, as well as personal vlogs. She gets a lot of engagements from her livestreams and reviews as well.

How do you become a game streamer?

Watching the videos and streams of the content creators above will show what is an online streamer and how you can become one. One of the best ways to garner viewership and engagement is to know which games to play on live stream with viewers. Also, choose the best and most interesting P2E games to capture the attention of your target audience. 

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