RU Crypto Gaming Guild AMA: Additional Earning Opportunities for Scholars

Last Friday, September 2, 2022, Railings University – a massive crypto gaming guild with over 3000 gaming scholars under Play It Forward DAO had a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on its Discord server led by Railings University’s CEO/Founder, Rupert Cabrera. The AMA session mainly focused on discussing the new earning opportunities for RU members and scholars as well as the upcoming Railings University MLBB Esports tournament on September 10, 2022.

If this sounds new to you, you should understand everything you need to know about crypto gaming guild first before going any further into this topic.

What are the new and upcoming earning opportunities at Railings University?

Aside from a plethora of gaming scholarships offered by Railings University, we are now also providing other earning opportunities for RU scholars. New additions to the list are Game Testing, Professional Game Testing, and Game Tournaments.

Entry Level Game Testing

As a Game Tester, you simply have to download a game and play it until you reach a certain level or goal, depending on the task given to you. In return, you will receive tokens or cash rewards. 

Professional Game Testing

We will also soon offer Professional Game Testing job opportunities. Here, you will also play a game that is in the Alpha or Beta production. Aside from reaching a certain level or goal, you will also need to provide feedback. The insights and suggestions could be in written form or in a voice record. This will take more time to accomplish but you will have greater rewards and will get the first experience of a new game.

Game Tournaments

Some of Play It Forward’s game partners may also hold tournaments in which RU players can join. Your goal can be either to climb the leaderboard or reach certain levels in exchange for in-game rewards and cash prizes. Check out the Ethlas tournament that we had below:

Ethlas Metaverse Battle Showdown

  1. Only those with the @VERIFIED role in Railings University’s Discord Server can join.
  2. Players will be assigned to random 8-player lobbies. The top 3 of each lobby will get Points. 
  3. All participants will get the RU Game Night Badge! 
  4. Participants who will fill up the feedback and suggestion form after the game will get the Ethlas Battle Finisher Badge.

What are RU Badges and RU Points?

The Railings University Discord server is now providing Badges and RU points to active members. These badges and points are excellent ways to earn additional rewards and perks such as gift checks, merchandise, mobile load, and prioritization for new and upcoming earning opportunities.

RU Points

RU Points are the current Discord currency of the RU crypto gaming guild. One key advantage of collecting RU Points is that it can help you get new ways to earn from scholarships. Right now, we are providing a 50% profit share to our scholars. But if you want to get higher earnings from your scholarship, you can talk with one of the RU admins and inform them that you want to use your RU Points to increase your profit percentage.

Through RU Points, you can now increase your scholarship share up to 70%. This September, we are running a promo where you can have a 60% to 70% profit share in exchange for 2,000 RU Points. 

You can also use RU Points to upgrade your current in-game NFTs. We originally distribute NFTs to our scholars randomly. Now, you can choose a specific NFT you want as long as we have those assets available. This will help you earn more since you will be able to play using your preferred NFT.

We will also release swag items like T-shirts, caps, jackets, and other merchandise that you can redeem with RU Points. These items will be shipped to your address for free as long as you are in the Philippines.

There are also times when you will want to be prioritized when signing up for gaming scholarships. You can use RU Points to have your name bumped up in our P2E scholarship waitlists. This is our way of giving back to RU members who are earning RU Points by being active in the community.

RU Badges

Right now, we have one specific use for RU Badges, which is for joining Railings University Esports Tournaments. We hosted our first Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tournament last month. This month, we will host another MLBB Esports Tournament, but with more participants and higher cash prizes. 

Railings University’s goal is to hold more game tournaments moving forward not just in Mobile Legends but also in other games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, DOTA, and more. RU Badges is a way for us to distinguish who is active in our community. Those people will be prioritized when it comes to joining the tournaments. 

How to earn RU Points and RU Badges

The easiest way to earn RU badges and points is to do Quests. Every Quest that we will provide will let you earn a certain amount of badges and points. For instance, this AMA will automatically reward 1 RU Badge to all listeners. 

You can also use certain commands in the RU Discord server to earn points and badges. Simply join our Discord server and go to RU FUN ZONE where you can utilize commands such as:

  1. Black Jack (command: &blackjack or &bj)
  2. Roulette (command: &roulette)
  3. Slot Machine (command: &slot-machine or &sm)
  4. Work (command: &work)
  5. Crime (command: &crime)

You can also do some social media tasks such as simple liking and sharing in exchange for points. We will also release mini-games and game testing opportunities so you can farm more badges and points.

Almost every day, we will host mini-games that you can join to earn badges and points. Some of the mini-games we are hosting are:

RU • Marble Night 

  • 10,000 RU Points Prize Pool for 3 rounds of MARBLE MAYHEM! 
  • Participants must have a @VERIFIED Role to avoid dummy/alt accounts. 
  • Each round will have a preparation/waiting time of 3-5 Minutes before it starts depending on the number of participants. 
  • The first countdown will start at exactly 7:30 PM.


  • 10,000 RU Points Prize Pool for a total of 5 games
  • Participants must have a @VERIFIED Role to avoid dummy/alt accounts. 
  • Your username in the game should match your discord username. 
  • First Come First Serve basis! Participants can only win FIRST PLACE ONCE. 
  • Each Game Invite Code will be posted on RU’s Discord channel. We will only wait for 5 minutes before each game start. 

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