RU community stories: A proof that crypto gaming guild is not a scam

If you want to get into the world of play to earn (P2E) and NFT games, joining a crypto gaming guild is one of the best ways to start. But you should be on the lookout for scams, especially if you are moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone.

How do crypto gaming guilds work?

P2E and other blockchain-based games bring together members of gaming communities called crypto gaming guilds. There are gamers, investors, and administrators in every crypto gaming guild. These platforms act as middlemen by buying in-game assets in the form of NFTs and then lending them to potential players so that they can play blockchain games and earn money from them.

Most crypto gamers know that most P2E games require an initial investment in NFTs in order to make money. Crypto gaming guilds are made so that members can share their in-game assets for free in exchange for a percentage of the income generated from playing the game. This is important because some players can’t afford to buy the necessary NFTs.

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Crypto gaming guilds came about as a possible solution to the problem of high entry barriers in a number of NFT games. Because these guilds exist, players no longer have to spend a lot of resources to get started in the P2E market. Aside from this benefit, joining a crypto gaming guild has a lot of other important benefits that are just as important.

Are all crypto gaming guilds legit?

We can’t say for sure that all crypto gaming groups are legitimate. Due to its high level of volatility, the cryptocurrency market is a dangerous place to explore. Hackers, con artists, and people with bad intentions may sometimes use the community for bad things. This can lead to a ruined image and information that can’t be trusted.

Before giving any project or community any of your personal information, you should do a lot of research. It’s not hard to figure out if a crypto gaming guild is real or not. Before you join a crypto gaming guild, you should think about the following things:

Accounts on social networking sites

The first thing you should look at is how many followers and members it has across its different social media platforms and accounts. Most cryptocurrency projects and groups use Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Facebook, which are some of the most popular social media sites.

Check out the crypto gaming guild’s social media channels and find out how many followers, members, and subscribers the group has in total. Also, keep an eye on and look into how the community is involved.

Are there moderators and administrators who can answer each query? Is there a lively community on their social media sites? Do you hear anything negative from the people who follow them? As you look into the crypto gaming guild’s many social media accounts and channels, these are the most important questions you should be ready to answer.


Another important thing to think about before joining a crypto gaming guild is the community. Does the guild have an active and consistent community? 

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Most crypto gaming guilds use Discord or Telegram as their main way to communicate with each other. Most of the time, you don’t need a special invitation or share any personal information to join these channels. You can join the guild’s Discord and Telegram communities if you want to do more research and learn more about them.

Once you’re part of a crypto gaming guild’s community, you’ll know more about how the guild works with its members and the rest of the community. Here is a list of the most important things that a crypto gaming guild needs to have to be seen as a legitimate group:

Administrators and moderators who are proactive and can help members of the community if there are problems

Activities and games that will help the guild by getting more people to join and talk to each other

  • A nice place with lots of people talking
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions
  • A plethora of P2E games
  • Proof that there are real people working on the crypto gaming guild

Game partners

If you look at the NFT games that a crypto gaming guild works with, you can get a good idea of how successful they are. Does playing their P2E games make you feel good and give you a good time? Do the games have token economies that work and can be trusted?

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Keep in mind that the crypto industry is not always perfect. There are crypto game projects that fail not long after they are released. Other businesses just want to get sensitive personal and financial information from the people they are trying to reach. Because of this, you should know the risks of crypto games and how to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Because not all P2E games can give players long-term value for their time and effort, it is not ideal for a crypto gaming guild to only have a few games to choose from. Keep in mind that the value of crypto gaming tokens is directly tied to the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole, which is very unpredictable and subject to large price swings. Because of this, it is important for a guild to keep a lot of games going so that members always have options if one of their crypto games doesn’t work out.

If you notice that the crypto gaming guild has a lot of good, well-rounded games and that the number of these games keeps growing, this is a sign that you are in a good place. Aside from that, having only one or two games for a long time shows that the guild doesn’t have a way to end game relationships that is both systematic and useful.

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Proving that Railings University is not a scam

Play It Forward manages the crypto gaming guild Railings University, which is a great example of a legitimate guild. When you join our gaming community on Discord, you will find that we have an active community, a variety of gaming scholarships, a large number of P2E games, and an easy way to get new scholars started.

There are more than 3,000 gaming scholars and about 40,000 people who are active in the community right now. Since Railings University meets all of the requirements for a perfect blockchain gaming guild, there is no way to argue about its legitimacy or dependability. In fact, we strongly encourage people in our community to talk about what it’s like to be a student at RU. Check out some of the entries listed below:

“I have long wanted to buy an Adidas bag, and I finally got my hands to it by using the money I’ve earned from my payout, and I just want to thank Railings University for making this possible. Being a member of this guild was really a big opportunity for someone like me. Thank you so much, Railings University!” – Louie Jay

Gamers like Louie Jay can buy both things they need and things they want with the rewards they get for going to Railings University. It’s important to remember that playing P2E games while you’re a student at Railings University doesn’t have to turn into your full-time job. Since you do it as a side hustle, it’s fine to buy things for yourself with the money you make.

“I joined Railings University last December 11, 2021. The Axie scholarship program was a big help for me because I was able to earn extra income and add it to my savings. I am very grateful to this guild as I was also able to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. Thank you so much to the RU management!” – Mark Anthony

Railings University helps its players make more money so they have extra cash to spend for celebrations, like Mark Anthony. Even though it’s a little late, the people at Railings University want to wish your grandma a happy birthday!

“Current SLP value is way too low to make a living, why continue playing Axie Infinity? For them, it’s not worth it to continue anymore, but what they don’t know is it’s a big opportunity for someone like me who didn’t finish my studies to earn extra income. Thank you very much, Railings University and PIF DAO!” – Sammy Casquijo

At Railings University, we welcome aspiring and dedicated gamers from all walks of life, no matter their gender, age, job, or level of education. We also don’t judge people based on what they do for a living. If you want to be a good player, it doesn’t matter what kind of education you have. How well you do in the game depends directly on how much you work at it. Members like Sammy are great because they know how important hard work is and have a good work ethic.

Do you want to become a crypto gaming guild gamer or investor?

Not yet convinced to join a crypto guild? You may check the legitimacy of Railings University crypto guild under Play It Forward DAO by checking out our website. You might want to talk to one of use here in Discord and/or  Telegram.

Get involved in Web3 gaming by being an RU crypto guild gamer or a PIF token investor, see below:

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When you become a gamer of Railings University you can start earning through playing blockchain P2E games without taking anything out of your own pocket. Watch some of our helpful P2E videos and AMA sessions with some of our Web3 gaming partners on our Youtube channel, and check out Railings University’s Facebook page to find out more about the guild.

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