Quests Highlights this March 2023

The Quests platform has become increasingly popular among gamers and enthusiasts alike as a place to complete gaming-related tasks and earn rewards. It’s an online job board where users can take on Quests in exchange for rewards. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Quests platform and highlight some exciting Quests available to users until March 31, 2023. These are just some of the March Quests available on the Quests platform. Remember to check for any limited-time or seasonal quests that may be available.

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Available Quests this March

Ready for some gaming action? Quests has a range of exciting gaming tasks available for you to participate in and win rewards. Here are some of the Quests available til the end of March that you can take part in:

League of Legends ARAM

Join the League of Legends ARAM Challenge and test your skills in this ultimate test of strategy. All you have to do is download and register for League of Legends, reach level 3 to unlock ARAM mode, and play 2 ARAM games with at least 4 kills in each match. 

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Heroes of the Storm

Join the Heroes of the Storm Quest and venture into the Nexus for an adventure like no other. Download the game, set up your account, and complete the tutorial. Then, participate in Quick Match and achieve 5 victories to complete the challenge.

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Zooba Battle Royale

From March 24, 2023 to March 31, 2023, participate in battles on Zooba and aim to get at least 20 kills. Only the top 10 raffle winners will get the reward, so make sure to capture your progress. Download Zooba now and join the competition!

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Smash Legends

Participate in the exclusive Smash Legends raffle event from March 24-31, 2023. Download Smash Legends and win 10 games to get rewarded. The reward will only be given to the top 10 raffle winners. If you are among them, you can claim your prize by clicking the “Claim” button on the Quest page.

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Pokemon Unite

If you’re a Pokemon Unite player, don’t miss out on the chance to win crypto tokens and points. Win 10 matches in Standard “Unite Battles” and enter the raffle to show off your skills as the ultimate Pokemon Master.

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Mech Arena

Join the Mecha Arena Raffle Quest! Download Mech Arena, complete the tutorial, and win 6 Control Point matches to complete the challenge. Only the top 10 raffle winners can claim the reward, so hurry and join the action now!

REWARDS: 2000 PIF Tokens and 500 RU Points

Join the Quests community today

The Quests platform provides a unique opportunity for gamers to earn rewards while sharpening skills and exploring new games. By participating in Quests, you not only enhance your gaming experience but also gain knowledge and expertise in different gaming genres. 

The Quests platform is a powerful tool for learning, and we encourage you to take advantage of this! To further explore the Quests platform, visit our website and browse through the available Quests. Make sure to connect your crypto wallets to receive your rewards.

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