Popular P2E games you can find in most crypto gaming guilds

The world of crypto games is expanding more than ever. With the rise in popularity of P2E games came a rise in the number of people who couldn’t play because NFTs were getting more expensive. Because of this, a crypto gaming guild is here to help people who like to play and earn with P2E games without obliging them to invest any amount. 

Most people who start playing P2E games do so through scholarship programs. Since many P2E games require you to buy NFT assets before you can play, a lot of gamers are relying on P2E scholarships given by crypto gaming guilds.

You must be excited to hear that play to earn games will have a great future thanks to the crypto gaming guild.

Railings University is a prominent gaming guild established and managed by Play It Forward. It has over 3000 game scholars from Indonesia and the Philippines. You can see how Play It Forward has changed the lives of many Filipino gaming scholars by reading some of their testimonials here.

Today, we’re going to talk about how vital scholarship programs are and give you a list of P2E games that are popular in crypto gaming guilds:

What are crypto gaming guilds, and why are they essential in P2E?

Crypto gaming guilds aim to make it easier for players to play NFT or P2E games. They do this by building a group of gamers and investors who can work together to give and use digital assets in exchange for rewards.

Most of the time, investors help players by renting out NFTs through scholarship programs. Use this guide to learn more about how crypto gaming guilds work so you can move forward with more knowledge.

What are P2E scholarship programs?

You can make money playing crypto games, but you usually have to put some money down first. This could be in the form of NFT items like characters, lands, or anything else needed to play a P2E game.

Since not every player has the money to buy these assets, crypto gaming guilds offer scholarships and renting programs so that players can get what they need. Scholarship programs come in many types, but their main goal is to make it easier for players to start playing P2E games.

Basically, scholarship programs let players rent the digital P2E assets they need from crypto gaming guilds. Everyone in the guild gets a share of what the scholarship player wins and makes. The way they are given out depends on the gaming guild.

How important it is for crypto gaming guilds to offer scholarship programs

The goal of scholarship programs is to make it possible for as many players as possible to play P2E games. Community is one of the most critical parts of crypto, and the gaming industry needs it even more. Since the crypto gaming space has grown so quickly in recent years, scholarship programs are becoming even more essential.

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Popular P2E games you can find in most crypto gaming guilds

Here are some of the lucrative and popular P2E games that you will see in most crypto gaming guilds:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was the first P2E game to introduce crypto gaming guilds and scholarship programs. Here, you battle other players by taking turns with Pok√©mon-like creatures called Axies. If you win, you’ll get $SLP tokens, which can be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange for fiat or real money. You can also breed Axies, which could give you more powerful teams or let you sell the NFTs for additional profits.


The popular P2E card game Splinterlands was built on the HIVE blockchain. The game can be played in many ways, such as through matches, tournaments, and quests.

There are more than 283 cards in the game, and they can be used together to improve stats, get stronger, and beat other players. The game has two currencies: $SPS (governance token) and $DEC (utility token). The former is used to get control over things in the game, while the latter is traded between players. You can buy, sell, and trade NFTs like cards, land, and other in-game items with $DEC.

Splinterlands was one of the first popular P2E games in the industry. It has one of the best scholarship communities in the business. Even though getting into the game is not too hard, you need a solid deck to move up to higher levels and get better rewards.

Thetan Arena

Another popular free-to-play game with a good scholarship program is Thetan Arena, which is a lot like Axie Infinity. When more and more people started playing the game, the price of NFTs went through the roof. Because of this, there are now a lot of scholars who take part in scholarship programs.

The primary way to play Thetan Arena is to get NFT characters to put together a squad. You can play 1v1 matches and tournaments with other players to win TCG and THC tokens. Afterward, you can use the tokens to improve your NFTs and trade them on exchanges for higher values.

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a P2E game where you can go to different places to find blockchain monsters and fight them to earn tokens. Every block on the BCMH blockchain is home to a different character with a different skill.

Blockchain Monster Hunt emphasizes the fact that GameFi is not centralized. As more blocks are added to the chain, more monsters will appear. This means that you can’t change or control how monsters are made.

One of the things that makes this game stand out is that you can play it on more than one blockchain. You can choose to play on cheap blockchains, which makes it easy for scholars to get in on the action. Each blockchain has its own set of monsters. You can trade your NFTs across blockchains to get unique monsters or other advantages in battle.


CyBall is an NFT-based game with a football or soccer theme where you can collect, trade, train, and fight CyBlocs during matches. CyBlocs are the game’s main in-game asset.

You can buy, sell, upgrade, trade, and fight with CyBlocs. The cards are played one at a time, and the game is a mix of strategy and simulation. Your goal in the game is to get as many points as possible.

What will happen to crypto gaming guilds in the future?

Thanks to blockchain technology, games have become more than just a way to pass the time. Microsoft’s recent purchase of Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft’s launch of the NFT marketplace shows that the gaming industry is serious about putting blockchain-based innovations into mainstream games.

Most player-to-player (P2P) games are decentralized, meaning that both the game’s developers and players own it. This is different from most video games. When players participate in a P2E game’s economy, they create value for themselves and other players and developers.

Do you want to join a crypto gaming guild?

Every day, the crypto gaming industry grows and changes in new ways. Now is the time to join crypto gaming guilds in space. Start your P2E journey by playing games at Railings University or buying $PIF tokens. Check out how to do those things below:

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