Play It Forward partners with D.G.Pals

Play It Forward and D.G.Pals Partnership

Play It Forward DAO is more than just a crypto gaming guild since it strives to connect with its scholars to help them grow financially and professionally. With this in mind, we continue to look for unique, rewarding, and ambitious P2E games to realize our goal. 

Similar to PIF DAO, one project claims that they are more than just a game, which piqued our interest. When we discovered that this project aims to empower the community of gamers and developers in Southeast Asia, we didn’t hesitate to reach out and work with them.

Today, we are proud to announce that Play It Forward has partnered with D.G.Pals, a multi-games, multi-genre NFT platform.

What is D.G.Pals?

D.G.Pals’ vision is to embrace blockchain technology and the Web3 gaming experience by allowing players to bond, explore, compete, and collect NFTs and Tokens at the same time. It promotes inclusivity by letting indie developers deploy games of any genre or IPs using D.G. Pals’ NFTs.

Each D.G.Pals NFT is equipped with stats, variables, and attributes that are often used by game developers. As the project progresses, more types of NFTs like equipment, land, and more will be created to improve the gaming experience within the D.G.Verse.

Currently, D.G.Pals has two games: D.G.P: New World and D.G.P: Legends. Read about their gameplay overviews below:

  • D.G.P: New World: An idle farming game where you grow D.G.Eggs up until their Prime form. Once the D.G.Eggs reach their prime, you can transform them into NFTs. The NFTs can be used for other games in the D.G.Verse ecosystem.
  • D.G.P: Legends: a PvP arena auto-battler where you fight your way using a minimum of 5 NFTs with various skills based on their Egg Type. Egg Types can be Magic, Horror, Marine, Scaly, Flora, and Sky.

D.G.Gold (DGG) and Panterra Opals (OPL) are the tokens you can earn in various ways when you play the games above. In D.G.P: New World, you can earn OPLs by logging in and checking on your D.G.Pals regularly. On the other hand, D.G.P: Legends allows you to obtain OPLs and DGGs by completing missions, participating in matches, and getting seasonal rewards.

What is the partnership between Play It Forward and D.G.Pals all about?

The partnership between Play It Forward and D.G.Pals will open the door for aspiring NFT players to enjoy the innovative and fun games offered by the project. Once it is completely launched, Railings University scholars may apply for a D.G.Pals game sponsorship.

Aside from the Railings University guild, Play It Forward also offers its Quests platform for D.G.Pals and its interested players. Through Quests, D.G.Pals will be able to provide earning opportunities to interested blockchain gamers in the form of airdrops, tournaments, streaming contests, game testing opportunities, and more. The partnership between Play It Forward and D.G.Pals opens an excellent opportunity for aspiring P2E players to join the game without paying any capital. 

About D.G.Pals

D.G.Pals is a P2E game designed by D.G. Ventures Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based platform that supports indie developers, farmers, investors, and influences. The project aims to deliver five games within 2022 alone and is now working on its Community Designed Limited Edition NFT Minting and First 3rd party IP crossover NFT sales.

D.G.Pals Social Media Links:

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About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a play to earn ecosystem composed of a crypto gaming guild, Quests, and different GameFi projects, the company continuously help empower Web3 gaming communities and still looking for more gaming scholars, Quest joiners, and more Web3 partnerships.

We focus on providing varied earning opportunities (via our Quests platform), player/talent management (via Railings University guild of 5,000+ players), game investments/partnerships (30+ game partnerships), and financial education to make play more rewarding for gamers everywhere.

Play It Forward DAO Media Links:

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