Play It Forward joins Cradles in the evolution of the Metaverse

Play It Forward and Cradles; Origin of Species Partnership

The progress made possible by blockchain technology doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. For instance, blockchain is no longer used solely for making financial transactions. Instead, it led to the start of a whole new sector, GameFi. Within GameFi are play to earn (P2E) games, which are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the crypto game developers who are always coming up with new and exciting ways to play.

The goal of Play It Forward is to make play more rewarding and we are always on the lookout for blockchain projects with similar goals. We are thrilled to have found an interesting project that aligns with our objectives, Cradles. 

What is Cradles? 

Cradles is a creative, decentralized game that gives each player a unique experience every time they play. The in-game world is divided into the main city and the adventure zone. Players can get a sense of what life was like in the prehistoric era by exploring the adventure zone.

Even though Cradles has open-world gameplay, there are still rules that players need to know. After the player chooses where they were born, there are tasks they have to do. Some of these tasks might be to hunt monsters and protect the settlement from attacks. Once all of the goals have been met, the players will be able to get their rewards. As the story develops, players will eventually be able to take part in city missions.

The game also has PvP and PvE modes, in which players compete against each other or hunt down dangerous species to earn rewards. The rewards they collect can then be used to build their own NFTs, which they can then trade, sell, or stake.

The partnership between Play It Forward and Cradles

Through the partnership between Play It Forward and Cradles, it will be easier for interested P2E gamers to get into the Metaverse. Interested gamers can now apply to become scholars under the Railings University crypto gaming guild. Once accepted, they will be given the required in-game assets they need to enter and play Cradles once the game has officially launched.

Cradles can also use the Quests platform to provide blockchain gaming tasks such as streaming contests, tournaments, game testing, and app installations to the Play It Forward and Railings University community. With the partnership between Play It Forward and Cradles, gamers now have a great new way to join Cradles quickly and easily. 

About Cradles

Cradles is the first time-lapsing blockchain game that keeps evolving in the same way that the real world does. By using community governance proposals, members of the community can participate in the construction of the game.

About Play It Forward 

Play It Forward will guide you to reach your web3 gaming career dream, PIF is a huge play to earn ecosystem that enhances the potential of each gamer on a large community of P2E gamers.

The company comprises a distinctive combination of opportunities such as crypto gaming guild that has more than 5000 players and talents called Railings University, multiple ways to earn digital assets and cash prizes through our platform of varied Quests, a continuously growing 30+ partnerships with different Web3 industries, and educating financial possibilities to make play more rewarding across thousands of gamers worldwide.

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