Play It Forward Helps More Gamers Go on a Blockchain Monster Hunt

Play It Forward and Blockchain Monster Hunt Partnership

The COVID-19 pandemic kept millions of people at home for long periods, which help the gaming business grow like never before. Combining this growing interest in video games with blockchain technology has led to a trend that many industry experts are calling the next big thing in decentralized finance: GameFi.

Through GameFi, players can use the time they spend playing games to make fiat money. But for the vast majority of GameFi’s experiences, players will have to spend money on digital assets and NFTs before they can start earning from them. 

Play It Forward has decided to take on this entry barrier by working with dozens of GameFi projects to provide the resources players need to play and earn. Thus, Play It Forward is thrilled to enter a partnership with Blockchain Monster Hunt.

What is Blockchain Monster Hunt?

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a P2E game based on titles like Pokemon Go and other monster battling games. Here, players will be able to earn tokens by capturing monsters and battling them. Each block on the BCMH blockchain is unique and has different monsters in it.

During the game, players will face a wide range of different monsters, each of which has its own set of skills. There are three types of monsters in BCMH: Genesis, wild, and artificial. The pre-mined monsters are the Genesis type. A random number generator is used by the blockchain to make wild monsters. When two monsters are merged, a new artificial monster is created.

Monsters change over time with the blockchain, and they get different traits depending on which block they are found in. As more blocks are made, different kinds of creatures will appear. But maybe the most interesting thing about Blockchain Monster Hunt is that players are encouraged to play it on different blockchains. 

The partnership between Play It Forward and Blockchain Monster Hunt

The partnership between Play it Forward and Blockchain Monster Hunt will allow more aspiring P2E gamers to have the required resources to play the game. Interested Blockchain Monster Hunt players can participate in lucrative contests and apply for gaming scholarships under PIF’s crypto gaming guild, Railings University, 

Blockchain Monster Hunt can also use the Quests platform to provide blockchain gaming tasks ranging from streaming contests, tournaments, game testing, and app installations to the Quest Hunters.

Both Play It Forward and Blockchain Monster Hunt are working hard to make platforms that focus on playability and profitability. This partnership is just another step in both companies’ efforts to make GameFi a useful option for everyone’s everyday lives.

About Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt is the first multi-chain metaverse game. Based on Pokemon GO, the game lets players hunt and fight monsters on the blockchain while exploring new places. Players and collectors can go on hunts or fight to catch unique creatures and win tokens.

About Play It Forward 

is the growth engine of web3 gaming that unlocks the full potential of gamers. We are building a gaming ecosystem to educate, empower, and onboard the next wave of gamers into web3. 

There are multiple opportunities waiting for you in the Web3 gaming industry, Play It Forward is here to help you jump and grow into your gaming career, and we are looking to empower and educate more gamers like you. 

Play It Forward DAO has gathered different ways on how you can earn through gaming, one of which is through Railings University – crypto guild of 5000+ players, accomplishing assorted types of Quests that lets you gather digital assets, a continuous expansion of more than 30+ game investments and partnerships, and also provides enlightenment about how to succeed in play to earn financially.

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