Play It Forward establishes a partnership with Golden Bros

Play It Forward and Golden Bros Partnership

Play It Forward’s main goal is to make play more rewarding by providing game sponsorships to aspiring crypto gamers. Thus, we are always looking for quality and promising game partners to work with to continuously provide our players with more gaming and financial opportunities.

Today we are proud to announce our partnership with another crypto game, Golden Bros. Continue reading to learn more about this partnership and Golden Bros’ gameplay.

What is Golden Bros?

Golden Bros is a 3-minute 3v3 combat shooting game where you need to have teamwork to win. There will be abilities you can pick up along the battle so you have to learn how to adapt quickly to and use them to build your tactics and defeat your opponents strategically.

The game currently has nine free-to-play playable characters (Bros) with different main roles, attacks, and capabilities. Take a look at them below:

CharacterMain RoleOperation Base
GregoryTankLiverpool, UK
Lady ThunderMid-range Damage DealerVancouver, Canada
MargaretSupportDamascus, SY
Master KungTankShanghai, CN
Braine NeweySupportBerlin, DE
Sugar SugarTankDallas, US
Shooting Star KRanged Damage DealerAnsan, KR
JenniferRanged Damage DealerNew York, US
Crown HunterSupportParis, France

You can also acquire costumes to let you earn GBC tokens. The amount of GBC tokens you will get vary on the costume’s grades and the results of battles. You can get costumes by achieving a specific tier in Early Access or by drawing from GB mystery boxes. Higher costume grades mean better rewards!

In the game, you will try to beat the opposing team by moving the in-game joystick and dragging the screen to move your character. Your Bro will target attacks within range automatically and stop attacking when moved.  

During a match, you can get capsules when you kill zombies, defeat bosses, or collect capsule pumps. The capsules contain abilities you can use to enhance your Bro’s power.

Recently, Golden Bros announced that the game launch is expected to be held this July. Due to the current crypto market situation, the game concluded that following the initial schedule and specifications would carry a high risk for the users and the game.

What will the partnership of Play It Forward and Golden Bros bring to P2E gamers?

The partnership between Play It Forward and Golden Bros will open more gaming and financial opportunities for P2E gamers. Through Railings University (RU), players can apply as gaming scholars and be provided with the initial in-game assets required to enter and play the game.

Once you apply and are approved as an RU gamer, you can now choose to play multiple games, including Golden Bros, after its launch. You can now use the Quests platform to complete various blockchain gaming opportunities from Golden Bros in exchange for crypto and fiat rewards. Such Quests include blockchain gaming tasks ranging from tournaments, streaming contests, game testing, app installations, and more. 

The partnership between Play It Forward and Golden Bros opens an excellent opportunity for aspiring P2E players to join the game without paying vast sums of money. 

About Golden Bros

Developed by Netmarble F&C, Golden Bros is a 3v3 crypto game featuring fun battles and strategic teamplay. The game makes consistent updates to its gameplay and tokenomics and is set to launch this July 2022.

About Play It Forward

Play It Forward DAO has helped more than 5000 gamers play and earn through web3 gaming via Railings University crypto gaming guild, PIF DAO also provides other ways to earn like completing quests through our Quest platform, and currently has more than 30 gaming partnership investments. 

The company is looking forward to educating more gamers and helping some disadvantaged people to earn through web3 gaming.

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