Play It Forward at PH Web3 Festival 2022 Recap

Play It Forward’s overall involvement at the Philippine Web3 Festival 2022

PH Web3 Festival, the largest Web3 event in the Philippines, was a success! Plenty of memorable side events, insightful talks and panel discussions, as well as fruitful networking opportunities, were experienced by the Play It Forward team.

Within the week-long celebration, Play It Forward attended and hosted a variety of parties and networking events near the main conference venue in Bonifacio Global Center and around Makati City. Here is a recap of how Play It Forward enjoyed and celebrated the PH Web3 Festival 2022:

PHWeb3Fest Main Conference

Philippine Web3 Festival’s Main Conference featuring the most influential people in the Web3 industry

As the PH Web3 Festival aims to boost the adoption of blockchain technology and Web3 in the Philippines, plenty of talks from local and international speakers were held at the event’s main conference.

The main conference started on the second day until the fourth day of the week-long event, which consisted of keynotes, fireside chats, and panel discussions. Our favorite was the panel discussion about “Getting From Zero to One in Gaming,” where Janze De Guzman, CEO of, shared how their project can help gamers, guilds, and game studios find their way in Web3 and GameFi.

PH Web3 Festival Side Events

Philippine Web3 Festival’s multiple Side Events featuring Jiho (Co-Founder of Axie Infinity), Jordan (Head of Product at Blockdaemon)

The PH Web3 Festival kicked off with multiple side events, including parties and networking events. There were plenty of side events happening simultaneously, so the PIF team really had to make tough decisions on where to attend. Some of the side events we have attended include:

  • Korean Game Night organized by BlockchainSpace
  • VIP Dinner hosted by BlockchainSpace and YGG
  • OKX x OKC Philippines Private Meetup
  • Gathering of the Greats, organized by Tier One, BlockchainSpace, BreederDAO, PlayCash, Mirai Labs, and Pegaxy. 
  • World of YGG hosted by YGG
  • Japan Game Night hosted by BlockchainSpace
  • Binance Community Meetup hosted by Binance
  • Investor Matching hosted by BlockchainSpace + YGG
  • Hospitality in Web 3.0 & Pobcrawl by Web3PH, CommonWealth, and Keepers Bar
  • Drink, Talk, Learn hosted by BlockchainSpace
  • MetaClash Side Event hosted by MetaClash
  • YGG SubDAO Summit organized by YGG
  • PHWeb3 Synergy Party organized by Cointelegraph, Ape Digital, Bitskwela, and ZFT
  • PlayMining Night hosted by PlayMining
  • Web3 by the Sea organized by BlockchainSpace, YGG, and Playdex

KOL Luncheon

Play It Forward hosted its first Web3 KOL meetup in the Philippines

Play It Forward hosted the first Web3 KOL meetup in the Philippines. KOL Luncheon was a great success! Attendees enjoyed the whole afternoon of scrumptious food, delightful introductions with fellow KOLs, and interactive networking activities.

A more detailed write-up about this event will be posted on our social media accounts and website. This will include the benefits the attendees have received and will receive in the future, as well as the current list of all the KOLs that we have onboarded, so stay tuned!

PH Metacon Night

PH Metacon Night hosted by Play It Forward, Blockdaemon, and PlayMining

In the middle of the week-long Web3 celebration, Play It Forward, Blockdaemon, and PlayMining hosted an official PHWeb3Fest side event, PH Metacon Night. This invite-only event gathered developers, media, investors, community builders, and KOLs in one hidden speakeasy.

While drinks and music were enjoyed throughout the night, the attendees did not forget to take the chance to network and interact with fresh and familiar faces in the Web3 industry. We will release a separate blog about our whole PH Metacon Night experience, so make sure to follow Play It Forward’s social media accounts and website.

PIF and Railings University PH and SG team meetup

Play It Forward and Railings University PH and SG team dinner at Noor Manila

One of the highlights of the PH Web3 Festival for Play It Forward is our first team meetup! Play It Forward comprises diverse talents from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It was such a delight when our SG team flew to the Philippines to meet with the PH team and enjoy the PH Web3 Festival together.

Long-awaited in-person introductions, heartwarming messages, as well as fun games and activities were done throughout the team meetup. Members of Play It Forward’s crypto gaming guild, Railings University, also joined the event.

After more than a year of virtual meetings and communication, we have finally met most of the team members who are passionately aiming to “make play more rewarding!” The night is filled with great food and happy memories that the Play It Forward and Railings University teams will forever cherish. 

About Play It Forward 

Play It Forward is building a massive play to earn ecosystem that helps thousands of gamers achieve their dream to have a rewarding gaming career in web3.

The company has been providing multiple opportunities to earn in gaming such as talent and gaming scholarships through Railings University – a crypto gaming guild with over 5000 players, a diversity of Quests where you can be rewarded with digitals assets and/or cash prizes, a constantly increasing number of 30+ gaming partnerships, and provides financial guidance to make P2E more rewarding for players across the globe.

We would be happy to talk to you in Discord and/or Telegram anytime 24/7!

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