PIF Picks: The Top GameFi Updates this March 6-10, 2023

Are you searching for the most recent GameFi updates this March 6-10? Over the past week, we’ve been closely monitoring the GameFi industry for the latest and most intriguing developments. Here is a roundup of all the noteworthy GameFi updates this March 6-10, 2023:

NFTb and K-3 Kingdoms join forces to launch blockchain gaming project

NFTb, an NFT exchange protocol, has announced its partnership with K-3 Kingdoms (K3K), a Korean GameFi project. The collaboration will kick off with the initial NFT mint event, which is scheduled to take place on March 16.

K3K is currently in the closed beta phase and plans to migrate to Binance Smart Chain from Klaytn. The project is a strategy-based simulation game that offers both Play-to-Earn and free-to-play options for users. The game recently posted a video trailer showcasing its graphics and gameplay, generating significant buzz among gaming enthusiasts.

Infodriver Capital targets DeFi, GameFi and AI startups with $10m fund

Infodriver Capital, a London-based investment firm, has launched a $10 million fund to invest in startups operating in the DeFi, GameFi, and AI sectors. The fund will focus on startups in the UK, UAE, Europe, and the United States. It will diversify its portfolio of startups from Seed to A round, with a working revenue model.

The investment strategy charges only 5% in investments. It also growth hacking services, business development, co-promotion, influence marketing, and fundraising assistance. Infodriver Capital is seeking investors with a minimum investment requirement of $100,000 and anticipates a return on investment of 3-5x in just 2-4 years.

Kirill Mishanin, CEO and Founder of Infodriver Capital, believes that investing in startups in the Web3 space is a smart decision, as it is the future of the internet. The company aims to support innovative startups in this field to help shape the future of Web3. 

Axie Infinity Launches Revamped Origins Season 3 with New P2E Opportunities

Axie Infinity has announced the launch of Origins Season 3 after the recent maintenance. The game’s unique P2E model allows players to earn cryptocurrency by playing, making it a popular choice among gamers. 

In the new season, players will have to be in the top 20,000 to receive the AXS bonus, the game’s native token, instead of the top 40,000 required in the previous seasons. The game has attracted high-profile investors such as billionaire Mark Cuban. The marketplace saw over $1 billion in trading volume in July alone. With new characters and gameplay mechanics, Origins Season 3 is set to bring new opportunities and innovations to the game. 

Immutable and Mineloader Team Up to Release Web3 Guild of Guardians RPG

Immutable Games Studio has announced a partnership with Mineloader, the game development studio behind the Last of Us Part 1. Mineloader will assist in the development of the Web3 release of Guild of Guardians, set for release in 2023. 

With experience working with major game studios like Ubisoft, Square Enix, EA, and Sony, Mineloader’s involvement is expected to enhance the quality of Guild of Guardians’ gameplay and art. The move also marks a shift from Web2 to Web3 for the game franchise. 

The RPG release is expected in the final quarter of the year. Immutable’s native token, IMX, saw a 5% gain on the day following the announcement, with over 1 million pre-registrations for Guild of Guardians. IMX has made a 15% gain over the past week despite falling crypto markets.

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