Introducing QUESTS by Play It Forward DAO

We got some great news! Play It Forward is now changing the way gamers earn through QUESTS! Find out what our new platform can offer and see check out the new earning opportunities in the gaming industry.

What is QUESTS?

QUESTS is the first-ever blockchain gaming job board where users can complete P2E and non-P2E-related tasks in exchange for rewards. Rewards will vary depending on the Quest taken. Potential rewards include cash prizes, crypto tokens, NFTs, and more.

Everyone is welcome to sign up as a Quest Hunter! Simply go to the Quests page, complete the registration process, and finish a Quest to start earning.

What types of Quests are available at Play It Forward?

Some of the new earning opportunities under the QUESTS job board include:

Platform sign-ups through our QUESTS dashboard

You can earn up to 1,000 $PIF just by completing the signup and verification processes on the QUESTS website! Other rewards will also be given such as RU points, which you can use for claiming various merchandise and perks in PIF’s crypto gaming guild, Railings University.

Connect to us through our Social Media Channels

Connect your Discord, Telegram, and Facebook accounts on the QUESTS website to earn $PIF tokens. You will also earn badges and RU points that you can use to redeem perks and benefits on the platform.
Social Media Sharing: Participate in Twitter Raids and other social media sharing Quests to earn tokens and badges. Just simply like and share our posts!

Gaming quests

Get a chance to earn airdrop NFTs, tokens, and fiat cash by completing Quests given by our game partners. Tasks can be as simple as signing up or as exciting as reaching a certain level in the game. The more complex the Quest is, the more rewards you will get!

Game beta testing and Professional Game Testing

Game and professional testers will be required to play the beta or alpha version of the game. Then, you will have to provide feedback on the gameplay, user experience, and other technical aspects of the game to help the project develop and fix bugs before its official launch.

Esports and Game tournaments

Our game partners provide Quest Hunters with various tournaments with lucrative prizes. Aside from that, our gaming guild, Railings University also hosts gaming tournaments such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Call of Duty, Valorant, and many more. Prizes can be as high as P40,000!

Streaming contests

Earn a streamer badge as well as 500 RU points and PIF tokens by posting an up to 5min video on Facebook playing one of the available games at Railings University.

RU Game Night

Join Railings University’s Discord server and participate in various games and activities during Game Night. Different games such as Stumble Guys, Trivia contests, and other mini-games will be held. Get a chance to earn RU points and badges that you can use to redeem rewards!

The mentioned opportunities are just some of our current offerings on the QUESTS job board. There will be more upcoming jobs and projects that we will offer in the coming months.

How to join QUESTS

There are various ways to register as a Quest Hunter. Just go to the Quest webpage and link your Facebook, Discord, or Google account. You can also sign up using a new email address on the platform.

After that, you will be routed to the Quest dashboard where you can complete an array of available Quests and earn rewards. Learn how to sign up as a QUEST HUNTER by watching the short tutorial below:

Sign up as a QUEST HUNTER today!

Sign up as a Quest Hunter today! Now is your chance to try out new earning opportunities in the realm of blockchain gaming! This is proof that earning from gaming is not limited to playing games; you can also be rewarded by doing other tasks.