How do you become a game tester?

People who are into play to earn (P2E) gaming know the enormous earning potential of the gaming industry. But on top of gaming scholarships, new earning opportunities are rising when it comes to games. One of these is game testing. What is a game tester, and how can you become one?

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What is meant by game testing?

Before a video game is released to the public, it is given to people called game testers to play. This way, the game’s features can be tested, and any bugs or mistakes can be found. 

What is game testing and its types?

Game testers are often hired by companies that make video games. They work with game designers and programmers to improve games and make sure they are ready for customers to play. 

If you are wondering what is a game tester called, it often depends on what type of job they are going to do. In general, a game tester has two main jobs to do:

  • Play Testing: Game testers are in charge of looking at many different parts of a game’s user interface, such as where the game gets tedious or confusing, how fun it is to play, and how many achievements can be earned along the way.
  • Quality Assurance: Testers look for technical problems in video games, like bugs and glitches.

Why should you get a job testing games?

If you like to play video games, testing them might be something you’re interested in and good at, especially if you like to explore new worlds, pay attention to details, and think strategically.

In addition to the money that comes with the job, working as a game tester can be a very rewarding experience. For instance, you will often be able to play the newest games. This will give you an insider’s view of the gaming business. 

If you want to work in the gaming industry for a long time, becoming a game tester can lead to a number of different jobs, such as game development, graphic design, quality assurance engineering, and even project management. 

How game testing is done

Working as a game tester includes helping developers in finding and fixing bugs to improve the overall user experience of the game. This, in turn, will make the game easier to sell.

Game testers are in charge of a number of essential tasks. The most vital thing they need to do is play video games with a more analytical mind than when they play games just for fun. By using this method, they can find technical and creative flaws that could make a poor user experience. These flaws can be:

  • When a player can’t move forward in a specific part of the game.
  • When a moving graphic does not work as it should,
  • When using the controls does not feel natural.
  • When there are parts of the game that are not very fun to play
  • When a particular task or command is confusing

In order to find these problems, game testers may be asked to do certain things. These tasks may include turning the game on and off, downloading files while playing the game, playing the game on different devices and platforms, and repeating sequences that cause glitches.

How to become a game tester

People who want to get into the business of testing video games can do so in a few different ways. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to look into your options, get professional skills and experience, and find job or side job opportunities.

Practice playing games

The most important thing you need to do to become a game tester is to improve your skills as a player. The following should be in your goals:

  • Get a more well-rounded gaming experience by playing games from different genres, such as real-time strategy, MOBA, RPG, simulation, sports, and so on
  • Play games on different consoles, personal computers, portable gaming devices, and mobile phones
  • Figure out what parts would make games better
  • Get into the habit of giving specifics about the games you have played

Learn more about the technical aspects of testing games

Work on building up your technical skills on top of your regular gaming practice. Even if you are not yet a game tester, make it a habit to look for bugs and suggest improvements when playing other games. In addition, improve your skills in things like strategic thinking and analysis, as well as writing reports and other technical documents.

Participate in public beta testing

Participating in public beta testing is a great way to learn about new games, improve your skills as a game tester, and even win rewards inside the game. Make sure to write down your steps and keep track of everything you learn with each test.

Become a game tester today

Game testing is a new, fun, and exciting earning opportunity in the field of gaming. With the continuously increasing number of games being developed, game testers are now becoming more and more in demand.

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