A peek into the future: Are crypto gaming guilds meant to stay?

Over the past few years, blockchain gaming projects have grown into a thriving ecosystem. In a short amount of time, the GameFi space has become full of creative projects that push the limits of how gamers can make money while playing games in their spare time.

P2E games are now available to more people than ever, thanks to the rise of crypto gaming guilds. With the crypto winter going on right now, many are wondering, “Are crypto gaming guilds here to stay?” Here are some facts about gaming guilds to determine the answer.

What is a crypto gaming guild?

A blockchain or crypto gaming guild consists of a group of people that shares the same interest in gaming and making money from playing blockchain-based games.

Also, these guilds promoted the idea of “gaming scholarships,” which let players borrow assets safely so they can take part in the P2E systems of certain games. As compensation for their work, these players get a share of the money they bring in. At the same time, the rest of the money is split up evenly among the guild members.

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Crypto gaming guilds make it safer to buy, share, and borrow blockchain game assets. They also help new players learn how to play different P2E games for free. Blockchain gaming guilds not only give NFT holders a way to put their idle assets to good use, but they also give players another way to make money.

What makes crypto gaming guilds important to blockchain-based or P2E games?

For players, buying NFTs can cost thousands of dollars. Because of this, most people who don’t have a lot of extra money to spend have been left out. Crypto gaming guilds solve this problem by making it easier for everyone to play the most popular P2E games.

Most of the time, guilds get early access to games and first access to gaming NFTs, which gives them opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else. 

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What are the causes that slows down the expansion of crypto gaming guilds?

Just like NFTs, crypto gaming guilds are just starting to grow. So, it makes sense that there are still some things that could be done better.

Even though we’re sure crypto gaming guilds are here to stay, there are some things that could stop them from growing over time. Check them out below:

NFT games adoption

The rise of P2E or NFT games is a key factor that could slow the growth of crypto gaming guilds. Even though there are already a lot of crypto games on the market, some of them have trouble making their gaming experiences stand out. Also, they often put way too much emphasis on making money and not enough on playing games.

This doesn’t mean there are no good crypto games out there. There just aren’t enough of them to really get people interested in this business.

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Game quality

Many players want games to have the same kinds of experiences as AAA games from big publishers. Large developers aren’t as likely to take a chance on something that hasn’t been tried before, so NFT-based products will probably need to be a smash hit before they become the norm.


The developers also need to spend a lot of time fixing how players use and trade gaming NFTs. Different P2E games have different user interfaces, but most of them require at least some understanding to use. 

Gamers don’t want complicated technology to get in the way of their fun. For NFTs to be easily integrated, they need to be easy to maintain and trade and need as few clicks as possible. 

What makes crypto gaming guilds important to the adoption of P2E games?

Keep in mind that blockchain games won’t be around for very long after the initial excitement dies down. It might be hard to keep players interested over a long period of time, but gaming guilds can help with this.

Crypto gaming guilds could make a positive difference in any blockchain game. They get more people to play the games to keep a steady flow of cash.


The first video games that used blockchain technology came out in 2017. Since then, many projects have been tried, but only a few have been successful enough to get the attention of most players. 

Everyone wants to play free-to-play games, but no one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an adventure they might not even like.

Crypto gaming guilds will keep growing in the years to come. Some of the most well-known guilds right now are YGG, GuildFi, Merit Circle, and Railings University. 

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